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But there isn’t a great sense of humor or wit in the project, even though some of the cast try to have fun playing their archetypes (Cristin Milioti could be the MVP with his prototype Karen radicalized by Facebook). Laurence Fishburne’s voiceover in particular may also be noteworthy, as the phrase “critics have described the lack of fans as ‘breathtaking’,” the kind of creaky garbage that comes from the auto – apparent fun and lack of quality of the show. filter. You want the series to lean more into its poetic nonsense, like a time a joke is made about a black man changing body with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It’s also funny when a woman chose to be the face of ordinary people (Diane Morgan) says she developed multiple personalities to entertain herself in quarantine. But this series doesn’t have the creativity to keep up with those comedic currents, hoping instead to have an edgy sound with a joke that simply refers to how millennials flaunted black squares in an act of protest last summer.

More than usual for the Netflix fare – and that really means something – “Death to 2020” can be more accurately described as a piece of content. It’s simply meant to appear on the homepage with its sense of a universal title, draw in curious Netflix viewers, and ultimately lead them to other Netflix titles. The streaming service is never shy about using one of its shows to reference another (“Aunty Donna’s Big Ol ‘House of Fun” had an entire episode on “The Crown”), but the synergy here is particularly blatant and sticky. Among the special looks at the story, of course, they welcome the timed lockdown phenomenon of ‘Tiger King’, and later there are more references to ‘The Crown’ and even ‘Selling Sunset’.

It’s almost as if the creators decided they needed to say something about this year, but they couldn’t land on anything particularly clever, and certainly weren’t going to challenge themselves to. offer something we hadn’t thought of. 2020. Even the simplicity of the project seems like a loophole, and is particularly disappointing given how easily Brooker’s “Black Mirror” can take the familiar and reinvent it with dangerous storytelling. This project, on the other hand, is only trying to engage with the viewer by scanning the headlines and giving them a funny face, which in itself is a cynical one-year approach that could have cost us a lot. , but which has become important and revealing. in its absurd way. 2020 deserves better.

Now available on Netflix.

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