2021 Eurovision Song Contest Drew 183 Million Viewers – Deadline

The Eurovision Song Contest drew 183 million viewers in 36 markets when it returned on May 22, after a year off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Audience data for the world’s largest live music event was out on sunday by the contest organizers. It showed that the broadcast of the grand final of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest “reached, on average, a TV audience share of 4 percentage points higher than that of the last competition in 2019 of 40.5%”.

In retrospect, this year’s Grand Final was the most successful with viewers aged 15 to 25. Their audience share increased by 7%, reaching 52.8% this time around. This statistic is, according to the organizers, “4 times higher than the average for broadcasting channels (14.5%)”.

Italy wins Eurovision Song Contest, as Maneskin scores with “Zitti E Buoni”

There were also 50.6 million unique viewers – from 234 different countries – online, who entered the song contest through their official YouTube channel. Audience in this area increased by 28% compared to the 2019 show, with 18-34 year olds accounting for 71% of live viewers.

In Italy, which won the 2021 Competition, 4.3 million spectators attended the Grand Final. In the Netherlands, which hosted the event, 5.4 million viewers were reached.

France (2nd place) reached its largest audience in a decade, with 5.5 million viewers, while the UK, Germany, Iceland and Finland also recorded their highest memory numbers. recent. The UK had 7.4 million viewers, Germany had 7.8 million and Finland 1.4 million viewers.

“We are delighted to see that the public has once again welcomed the Eurovision Song Contest in such large numbers and very proud to have brought together millions of people at a time when so many are still separated,” said Martin Osterdahl , who this year oversaw the competition as an executive. Supervisor for the first time. “The overwhelmingly positive response to this year’s incredible shows from NPO, NOS and AVROTROS, and the huge success of Måneskin and so many songs this year demonstrates that, even in its 65th year, the impact of the Eurovision Song Contest. song is bigger than ever.

This year, the Italian group Måneskin triumphed in the global group battle with their song “Zitti E Buoni”. While they courted controversy when a video went viral that appeared to show lead singer Damiano David doing drugs in the song contest’s green room, the European Broadcasting Union investigated the situation and ultimately exonerated all members of the criminal group, when they submitted to a voluntary investigation. drug test, which gave a negative result.

“No drug use has taken place in the Green Room and we consider the matter closed,” the organization said. “We are alarmed that inaccurate speculation leading to false news has overshadowed the spirit and outcome of the event and unfairly affected the group.”

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