310 vs Arbonne - My Honest Verdict

I have been using the same brand of protein meal replacement for months now – and it is getting boring – I need a change! With the abundance of protein shakes and meal replacements on the market, choosing a new one is a daunting task.


But, I do know what I don’t want –

  • Lumpy texture
  • Chalky consistency
  • Chemical aftertaste
  • Boring flavors

While searching, I have found two products that look very exciting. One is the 310 Shake and the other is the Arbonne Essentials Shake.

Read on for my detailed review of each. Hopefully, my findings help your decision when choosing between 310 vs Arbonne.


WHO Are 310?

310 are an innovative company with a young and fun vibe. The focus is on healthy eating, correct nutrition, and weight loss. The manufacturing plant is a GMP certified facility, based in Salt Lake City in Utah. The company employs over 50 people.

Their mission, according to Tim Sharif, the founder and CEO, is ‘To Care – Care about you and Care about the Community’. Products are made with top quality natural ingredients, using the best processes and best formulating procedures.

What I really find exciting is the active 310 Community Program, driven by motivated people who interact with clients. They offer advice, help us choose products, and ensure that we use the products correctly to achieve our goals. (2)



310 Meal Replacement

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as of September 28, 2020 9:53 am

The 310 Shake is a meal replacement in the form of a shake. It comes in a packet as a powder, ready to mix with water, almond milk or blend into a smoothie. In a nutshell, the shake replaces a meal. It provides your body with the valuable nutrients and vitamins it needs.


Arbonne Protein Shake Mix

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as of September 28, 2020 9:53 am

Arbonne started way back in the 1960s with Petter Mørck. While working for a skincare company, he found that many of the ingredients used were not beneficial to the skin. Many years before ‘green’ became a buzz-word, he formulated a range of natural products. Over the years the range has expanded to include skincare, bath & body, makeup, hair, and nutritional products.

The company operates internationally with more than 200,000 Independent Consultants.


The Arbonne Essentials Shake is a meal replacement in the form of a shake. It comes in a packet as a powder, ready to mix with water, almond milk, or blend into a smoothie. In a nutshell, the shake replaces a meal. It provides your body with the valuable nutrients and vitamins it needs.


How are the companies similar?

Both companies produce meal replacements that are healthy and provide a good portion of your required daily requirements.

Arbonne has a larger product range that branches into makeup, haircare and skincare products.

How are the companies different?

The main difference between these two businesses is how they sell their products.

310 has an online website where you can order, sit back and wait for the delivery to your door.

Arbonne works through personal distributors. This means a face-to-face meeting with the consultant.

It will depend on you and what you prefer. If you enjoy getting advice from a consultant, Arbonne is great. Some people, like me, tend to feel pressured in a situation like this and prefer to shop online.

310 vs Arbonne Shake

How are the shakes similar?

Both shakes are marketed as meal replacements for a healthy lifestyle. They both contain plant-based proteins. There are no artificial sweeteners in either of the shakes. Both products have zero cholesterol.

You can use both shakes as everyday meal replacements. 310 Shake and Arbonne Shake are ideal as part of a well-balanced, well-formulated nutritional diet.

How are the shakes different? 


The main difference is in the composition of ingredients. I will go into more detail further on. For now, you can consider that a serving of Arbonne Shake has sugar, while a serving of 310 Shake has no sugar at all – Great!

Arbonne Shake has more calories, which gives more energy per serving. It also offers more carbs and more protein.

Type of protein

Both shakes are made with plant-based proteins.

Arbonne is made with peas, rice, and cranberries.

310 is made with pumpkin, pea, and brown rice protein.


The other main difference is in the flavors. This is my current problem – Vanilla only is so boring! It is exciting to see what cool flavors are available.

Arbonne has 2 flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate. This is a bit on the boring side, but user reviews do show that people love the flavors.

310 Shake is far more exciting with a choice of fun Strawberry, Vanilla Chai, Salted Caramel, and Mocha. They also have the classic Vanilla and  Chocolate. 310 Shake also offers exotic seasonal flavors like Gingerbread, Mint Chocolate, and Toasted Coconut. These are great for whipping up smoothies with a difference.

Questions about Maltodextrin? Bad and good news …

You may very well be asking what-is-Maltodextrin?

It is a highly-processed sugar that companies use as a preservative and thickener in food. It has been known to cause side effects in certain people. Symptoms can include gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and bloating. Maltodextrin is dangerous for people with diabetes, as it causes blood sugar spikes. It has a high glycemic index which may cause asthma, headaches, cramps or skin irritation. (99).


Arbonne Shake DID contain Maltodextrin. But there is good news on their website. Maltodextrin has been removed and replaced with Gum Acacia. This is a natural soluble fiber that comes from the Acacia tree.



Arbonne nutrition label

Arbonne nutrition label

310 Shake

310 Nutrition label

310 Nutrition label

Because the scoops are different. I have done the calculations for you to compare like with like, based on a 30g scoop.

Carbohydrates 9.75g 7g
Cholesterol 0g 0g
Sugars 5.2g 0g
Dietary Fibre 4.5g 5g
Protein 15g 15g


Carbohydrates are broken down in the body into sugars that produce energy. Arbonne has a higher component. For weight loss, I prefer a lower carb component. So for weight loss, 310 Shake comes out tops. If you are looking for more energy, Arbonne is a better choice.


Both shakes have zero cholesterol – which is great. Too much cholesterol over time can damage your arteries, contribute to heart disease, and increase your risk of a stroke.


Too much sugar is not good. 310 shake has zero sugar, which makes it a win for me. Arbonne does have sugar and consuming a shake every day will add to your sugar intake. A sugar level of over 6g will be a bit high. So at just under 6g, Arbonne Shake may work for you. I prefer no sugar at all, it is one less thing to worry about.

Dietary Fiber

You need dietary fiber to keep the digestive system healthy and strong. It also makes you feel full after eating. Arbonne offers less dietary fiber than 310, so you may start feeling hungry sooner. You can supplement your intake of fiber by eating raw fruits and veggies – a great source of natural dietary fiber.


Protein gives energy and helps to build and sustain healthy muscles. Proteins make you feel full, preventing unhealthy snacking. A good meal replacement must provide the correct amount of protein to be effective. Both these products have around the same amount of protein per serving. 310 Shake contains plant-based proteins that come from pumpkin, pea, and brown rice protein. Arbonne contains plant-based proteins that come from peas, rice and cranberries.

Remember that other proteins come in the form of meat and fish, so plan to cook up a storm at home when you have the time.

Who should use 310 Shake?

310 Shake is great for people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet. It is more suited to people who want to lose weight. Real customer reviews offer great stories of people losing large amounts of weight, and changing their lives for the better.

Who should use Arbonne Shake?

Arbonne Shake is great for people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet. Because it has sugar, it is more suited as an energy boost. It is ideal to drink before that Zoom session with the work colleagues or a run around the grocery store.


Better for Weight loss Yes No
Better for Energy Boost No Yes
Starter Pack Yes No
Lots of Flavors Yes No
Buy Online Yes No
Buy via Consultant No Yes
Vegan Yes Yes
Gluten-Free Yes Yes

What’s better about 310 Shake?

For me, this is what is better …

More focused on Weightloss

310 Shake is more focused on weight loss. 310 shake has zero sugar, which is what my hubby needs for a weight loss diet. Drinking a shake with sugar defeats the purpose. The customer feedback on the website and Facebook page is very positive. Many people have lost weight after using this product. Like any diet plan, there are no instant results. You have to work at it, and combining the shake with an exercise plan is a great idea.

More fun flavors

Not only Vanilla and Chocolate. Also comes in a fun Strawberry, Vanilla Chai, Salted Caramel, and Mocha. Seasonal flavors add extra excitement – how about Gingerbread, Mint Chocolate, and Toasted Coconut?

Lovely creamy texture 

310 Shake has a great creamy texture with no lumps. Mixing it with Almond milk or Coconut milk makes it even more delicious.


310 Shake is Vegan, Keto and Paleo Friendly, Organic and Gluten-free

Can Purchase online

For me, buying online is super cool. I can relax, take my time, and choose what I want without any pressure. Then, I sit back and wait for delivery to my door. Arbonne

Great community program to support users 

This company has a very strong focus on customer support. Qualified staff with degrees in Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences, health coaching and diet are available to advise.

No hint of Maltodextrin 

For a product that is sold as a healthy meal replacement, I would prefer not to have Maltodextrin in it.

Great ‘Try It All Kit’ with a selection of flavors to try out 

Not sure which flavor try? Buying one of each can be expensive. 310 offers a great ‘Try It All Kit’, with a selection of flavors. You can try each, and then decide to buy larger quantities of the ones you like best.

What’s better about Arbonne Shake?

For me, this is what is better

  • Great as a meal replacement – When I am not dieting, I am happy to have a shake as a meal replacement.
  • Gives instant energy for on-the-go – Getting a boost of sugar can help to up my energy levels, especially if I am feeling tired and run-down
  • Classic Vanilla and Chocolate flavor – You can’t beat the classics. Vanilla is a great base to add your own fruits or veggies to make a smoothie. Chocolate is the all-time, must-have!
  • Arbonne Shake is Vegan and Gluten-free. It is also Kosher, Halal
  • The website has a very comprehensive explanation on which products can and cannot use (00) https://www.arbonne.com/discover/promise/index.shtml
  • You can discuss your purchase with a consultant in your region – Some people enjoy meeting or talking to, a well-briefed consultant about their needs. Arbonne has a huge worldwide network of Independent Consultants, fully trained to advise you.

MY VERDICT: 310 shake vs Arbonne

310 Meal Replacement

2 new
from $69.99
Free shipping

as of September 28, 2020 9:53 am

My husband and I are sold on shakes. Between the 310 Shake and Arbonne, I do prefer the 310 Shake.

Here the main points that sold me –

  • The shake has a great creamy texture
  • No lumps or chalky texture
  • There is a range of exciting flavors that are not overpowering
  • There is also an unflavored shake that is perfect to use in all types of smoothies
  • 310 has a fabulous ‘Try It All Kit’ for new clients to experience the different flavors
  • No hint of Maltodextrin
  • Great as part of a weight-loss diet
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto and Paleo Friendly

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