Adam4adam Apk Download For IOS

Adam4adam Apk Download For IOS

Hang out and Find Romance

Adam4Adam RADAR is a social and communication app for dating multiple users online. The dating app allows for light and casual dating, chatting, casual socializing and even long term relationship on mobile devices. A customizable profile is provided so everyone can show who they are. Users can upload multiple profile pictures while they can be managed via drag and drop. There is an option to integrate any social networking account into this application.

Users can search for potential boyfriends through the list of profiles with five different grids based on their location. They can also check users located in other cities and access the Plan-A-Trip feature for travel plans. This is ideal for meeting anyone at a designated time and place. There are more than 20 filters to specify an ideal partner to contact. This application has a messaging system. Users can send unlimited messages, photos, phrases and current location to anyone they want, while receiving them from strangers. They can manage users in their favorites list, while blocking undesirable ones. The history log of the last visited profile can be deleted and updated. A notification is sent when users are added to someone else’s favorites list and they can track them.

Download Adam4adam APK IOS

Users can even compose a message to anyone without any fear of spam or malware. They can use an SOS button for contacting help from the police if they are in trouble, as long as it’s done discreetly and is handled with proper courtesy. The app is available on most platforms including Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch devices and Windows Phone 7 Devices (IOS7+).

ADAM4ADAM RADAR was first developed independently by people in Cebu, Philippines five years ago. It was just a hobby at first but it became more interesting after they rediscovered the thrill of chatting with strangers through mobile phones. The development team now has around 12 members and there are over 80 active users daily. Users outside the United States adopted ADAM4ADAM RADAR quickly because it provides features similar to their native messaging apps, social network websites or online dating services that local residents frown upon.

The method of creating an account with a valid phone number is similar to that of Facebook, Myspace or Twitter except for the email verification process and the requirement to visit a local cybercafe in order to complete registration on their website if one does not have any legal identification documents registered locally. Despite being successfully launched last June 10, 2011 it gained attention from various media outlets due its blend between online dating and social networking services which made the members to be mentioned in other popular websites.

Download Adam4adam APK IOS

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