Amazon cancels comedy Nick Frost and Simon Pegg – Deadline

“It’s a huge kick in the willy.” This is how Nick Frost described Amazon Prime Video’s decision to cancel their ghost hunting comedy. Seekers of truth after just one season.

Frost, who co-wrote the series with Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead collaborator Simon Pegg, announced the cancellation on Instagram. “Unfortunately, Seekers of truth will not be returning for a second season. Seekers of truth has not been renewed, which is a huge kick for me, ”he said in a video message to his 447,000 subscribers.

“We really put it all into it – our hearts and souls, and our blood in some cases, so not coming back is really sad for us. Too bad. I think we had a lot of great ghost stories to tell – stories that will remain unknown from now on. If you liked the show, thank you. And if you haven’t, are you happy now? Happy now? “

Nat Saunders (Medical certificate) and James Serafinowicz (Medical certificate) co-wrote the eight-part series, which has followed a team of part-time paranormal investigators working to uncover and film ghost sightings across the UK. It was produced by Frost and Pegg’s production company, Stolen Picture.

He introduced Frost as Gus, Pegg as Dave, Samson Kayo as Elton, Malcolm McDowell as Richard, Emma D’Arcy as Astrid and Susan Wokoma as Helen. Pegg, Frost, Saunders and Serafinowicz co-wrote and executive produced alongside Miles Ketley and Jim Field Smith, also directors.

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