Arteris Plus Reviews - Must Read This Before Buying the Supplement!

Are you planning to buy Arteris Plus? Then you are at the right place, here we covered a complete Arteris Plus Reviews so that you can get better idea of the product and their benefits.

Users can add Arteris Plus to their daily routine to improve blood pressure levels. There are only a few ingredients in the remedy, and it is easy to use.


High blood pressure is a "silent" and "fatal" disease. Medical experts claim that hypertension is silent, as you can live with it for years without knowing you have high blood pressure. Similarly, high blood pressure is supposed to be fatal, as you can suffer sudden death due to complications of high blood pressure such as aneurysm, stroke, heart attack, etc.

In addition, experts indicate that millions of Americans have "undetected" hypertension, while many more are at risk of developing high blood pressure. While health care providers recommend getting a complete medical checkup at least twice a year, many people are unable to get regular checkups.

What is the Arteris Plus dietary formula?

Philadelphia-based John Mayers is the founder of Arteris Plus supplements. John claims to have always been passionate about using herbal extracts to strengthen health. As a result, John Mayers has spent countless days researching natural herbal formulas to stabilize blood pressure. Finally, John came up with an effective supplement that can combat hypertension regardless of age, which he named Arteris Plus.


Arteris Plus is a safe and effective herbal formula containing natural ingredients for optimal blood pressure. According to John Mayers, Arteris Plus fixings such as Marshmallow, Passion Flower, Corydalis, California Poppy Seeds and Prickly Pear are scientifically proven to improve heart health.

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Each bottle of Arteris Plus contains 60 blood pressure support capsules that should last for thirty days. John Mayers advertises that Arteris Plus can help you fight chronic high blood pressure and combat the side effects of hypertension drugs. However, Arteris Plus customers should be aware that this product is not FDA approved.

How does Arteris Plus improve blood pressure?

According to the manufacturer of Arteris Plus, this formula contains ingredients that improve blood flow in your system by widening blood arteries. In addition, Arteris Plus increases the metabolism of your system, thus increasing the energy levels in your heart for better functioning.


In addition, Arteris Plus has effective ingredients that promote relaxation, thus inhibiting stress and anxiety. John Mayers also claims that Arteris Plus can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride levels, thus unblocking arteries for better blood circulation. Finally, Arteris Plus melts fat deposits around the heart and other important organs, subsequently improving heart health.

Arteris Plus Blood Pressure Support Formula Ingredients

John Mayers assures consumers that all of the ingredients in Arteris Plus are:

Safe - John states that a third party verifies all components. In addition, each Arteris Plus capsule is a product of a U.S.-based facility that is FDA-compliant and GMP-certified.

Natural - the founder of Arteris Plus claims that all bindings are sourced from local growers who allow their plants to mature naturally without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Effective -  each capsule of Arteris Plus is supposed to be in the right amounts to ensure that consumers get the desired dosage.

Non-addictive - Arteris Plus contains no stimulants and users will not experience withdrawal symptoms after stopping this medication.

Scientifically proven - John Mayer's claims that all ingredients are backed by science for their effectiveness in controlling hypertension.

Marshmallows - For centuries, marshmallows have been used to control numerous health problems. According to historical facts, marshmallow is a native herb that grows in parts of Europe and Africa. Scientists claim that marshmallow root is a natural mucilage rich in pectin, antioxidants, quercetin, amino acids and other compounds. According to the manufacturer of Arteris Plus, inflammations are the important causes of heart problems. Pure marshmallow roots reduce respiratory irritations and reduce inflammation of lymph nodes. In addition, the antioxidant property of marshmallows protects your system from chronic infections in the digestive system, urinary tract and skin. In addition, John Mayer claims that marshmallow roots can reduce LDL levels, thus improving heart health.

Passion flower - is an herbal plant native to the United States, although it grows in most parts of the world today. According to the creator of Arteris Plus, passionflower is an effective antidepressant that enhances relaxation and prevents hypertension. In addition, passionflower has been scientifically proven to combat chronic migraines and headaches, which can improve sleep quality. Edulilic acid is a compound found naturally in passionflower that can help widen blood arteries for better blood circulation. In addition, the compounds in passionflower can decrease toxic levels in your system, which also improves blood flow.

Corydalis - this is a Chinese plant whose stem and tubers are said to manage numerous ailments. According to ancient Chinese healers, corydalis is a "blood-moving plant," as it helps control multiple heart disorders such as arrhythmia and reduces the risk of a heart attack. According to John Mayers, this ingredient is a natural analgesic that can control pain in the abdomen, head and chest. In addition, corydalis is said to be a natural sedative that helps you fight insomnia and stress. In addition, the manufacturer of Arteris Plus claims that corydalis can fight inflammation, thus strengthening heart health.

California poppy seeds - John Mayers claims that this ingredient naturally induces sleep and can help combat some anxiety disorders. In addition, California poppy seeds contain antioxidants that fight infection and inflammation. In addition, the manufacturer of Arteris Plus claims that this ingredient can improve blood flow and decrease the risk of hypertension. Similarly, California poppy seeds can increase your metabolism, thus reducing fat deposits around the heart, naturally improving blood circulation.

Nopal cactus - according to the creator of Arteris Plus, this ingredient contains natural fibers, carotenoids and antioxidants that can benefit your health. In addition, scientific studies indicate that prickly pear cactus can reduce cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation. In addition, John claims that prickly pear may reduce the absorption of blood glucose in the intestines, thus reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Dosage of Arteris Plus

Purchasing Arteris Plus

According to the official Arteris Plus website, you should take two capsules a day with plenty of water, preferably before bedtime. However, the manufacturer of Arteris Plus warns against overdosing or underdosing. Similarly, you should take Arteris Plus supplements regularly for approximately 180 days for effective results.

Exercise - Doctors recommend aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes a day to help combat high blood pressure. Physical activities such as stair climbing, bicycling, walking, jogging and swimming are essential in strengthening your heart health.

Stress -  Managing stress is vital to preventing high blood pressure. Long walks, hot baths, yoga are examples of techniques to reduce stress. The use of recreational drugs, tobacco, high-calorie foods and alcohol consumption are ineffective ways to cope with stress, as they put you at risk of developing hypertension.

Diet - A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is essential to keep hypertension at bay.

Weight reduction -  excessive weight wears down the heart, as it cannot pump enough blood to all parts of the body. Weight reduction improves blood flow and widens blood vessels for better blood circulation, thus reducing the risk of becoming hypertensive.

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Buy Arteris Plus

With free shipping for each package, consumers choose from three different options that allow them to stock up on product as needed. Available packages include:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $177
  • Six bottles for $294

How to buy the dietary supplement Arteris Plus

You can buy Arteris Plus exclusively from the official sales site. Moreover, the distributors of Arteris Plus claim that there are no additional charges after making the one-time payment. Moreover, Arteris Plus marketers assure consumers of free shipping services to all residents of the U.S. In addition, John Mayers offers a 60-day money back guarantee as a mark of Arteris Plus quality.

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Final Thoughts

Arteris Plus advertises itself as a state-of-the-art dietary supplement that can keep your blood pressure at optimal levels. John Mayers, the manufacturer of this blood pressure support formula, assures consumers that every ingredient in this product is natural, safe and effective. However, Arteris Plus should not be substituted for any medical drug and should be consumed with a physician's approval.

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