Ashley Judd Recovers From ‘Catastrophic’ Leg Injury In Congo – Deadline

Singer, actress and animal rights activist Ashley Judd is recovering in a South African trauma unit after nearly losing a leg in a “catastrophic” fall in a Congo rainforest.

In an Instagram live chat with New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof – watch below – Judd, speaking from her intensive care bed, says she was walking in a Congo rainforest when she tripped over a fallen tree, breaking her leg. Judd, a frequent visitor to Congo, was doing work to track the Bonobos, an endangered species of great apes.

Describing “the unbelievably heartbreaking 55 hours” she was transported, partly by hand, partly on a six-hour motorbike trip, from the remote rainforest to a medical center in South Africa, Judd argues the stick she was biting to distract from the pain, “howling like a wild animal.” Half of mother-daughter duo The Judds recall losing consciousness while in shock, repeatedly reciting “The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not” from Psalm 23.

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Judd told Kristof that despite the pain – “on my edge” – and fear, she was fully aware of her “privilege” to have the opportunity to be transferred to a fully equipped medical facility. Most of the Congolese, she said, would have remained in the village, lost their legs and possibly a life.

“The difference between a Congolese and me is a catastrophe insurance which allowed me 55 hours after my accident to get to an operating table in South Africa,” she said, adding that the villages of the Congo are not only lacking. of electricity but “a simple pill to kill the pain when you broke your leg in four places and suffered nerve damage.”

Judd further explained on her own Instagram page, writing that she decided to talk about the accident to spread the word about “what it means to be Congolese in extreme poverty without access to health care, medication against pain, to any kind of service. , or choices. “

She continues: “Join us and find out what it is for a large part of the world – and how you can help. Bonobos matter. The same goes for the inhabitants of the ancestral forest where they are and the 25,600,000 Congolese who need humanitarian aid.

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