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Animated functionality Kingdom of Kensuke, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, the biopic Siegfried Sassoon by Terence Davies Blessing and the Studiocanal exit Saint maud were among the films to receive the highest level of support from the British Film Institute’s production and distribution funds this year.

It has been a year like no other, and the impact of the pandemic is reflected in the fact that several of the productions received additional awards to support them in disruption related to the virus. Terence Davies’ Blessing, for example, received an initial amount of £ 1.1million in production funding, but an additional £ 341,182 as the film struggled with delays. In total, the organization has distributed £ 1.24m to films interrupted by the pandemic.

Brexit will likely increase red tape for UK productions filming in the EU

Nine of the top 10 films on the production list also received smaller amounts from the BFI’s Step-up initiative, which provides grants to encourage producers to increase representation on their sets and hire a larger production team. diverse.

BFI’s distribution prices are very different this year, due to the lack of titles released over most of the past 12 months and continued theater closures. Indie success Saint Maud, released in the UK by Studiocanal in a brief window in October, when the country entered a lighter phase of foreclosure, received the highest grant of £ 100,000 and grossed a staggering 1.1 million bucks.

The fund also presented organizational awards including to Altitude Film Distribution which received £ 495,000 to spend on five film releases, including Sarah Gavron of Rocks and Ladj Ly’s Les Miserable, both released in September when theaters reopened, for $ 370,426 and $ 154,915 respectively.

Due to the unconventional nature of 2020, the BFI has overseen several newly created jars designed to specifically strengthen the industry against the pandemic. The BFI FAN Covid-19 Resilience Fund provided £ 1.1m to support independent cinemas in the UK during ongoing closures, while the organization also gave £ 500,000 to freelancers in the industry during this period and 470,000 £ to distressed sales companies.

Below are the BFI’s top 10 production and distribution awards, to individual projects, along with its organizational awards, in 2020.

Top 10 production prices:

Kingdom of Kensuke Jigsaw Films Limited £ 1,600,000 – Production
Kingdom of Kensuke Jigsaw Films Limited £ 20,000 – Step-up Initiative
Total £ 1,620,000

Blessing Production limited to £ 1,100,000 UME 14
Blessing UME 14 Limited £ 341,182 Production – COVID
Blessing UME 14 Limited £ 25,000 Building Initiative
Total £ 1,466,182

The day after Christmas Boxing Day Productions Limited £ 1,276,409 Production
The day after Christmas Boxing Day Productions Limited £ 20,000 Building Initiative
Total £ 1,296,409

Real things True Things Films Limited £ 990,000 Production
Real things True Things Films Limited £ 272,902 Production – COVID
Real things True Things Films Limited £ 20,000 Building Initiative
Total £ 1,282,902

The Pirates New Year Film Ltd £ 899,500 Production
The Pirates New Year Film Ltd £ 360,000 Production – COVID
The Pirates New Year Film Ltd £ 20,000 Building Initiative
Total £ 1,279,500

The fantastic Flitcrofts Maurice Media Limited £ 1,230,000 Production
The fantastic Flitcrofts Maurice Media Limited £ 20,000 Building Initiative
Total £ 1,250,000

Mothers Day Number 9 Films Sunday Limited Production at £ 990,000
Mothers Day Number 9 Films Sunday Limited £ 20,000 Building Initiative
Total £ 1,010,000

Ballywalter BT22 Limited £ 840,860 Production
Ballywalter BT22 Limited £ 20,000 Boost Initiative
Total £ 860,860

Ear piercing Anti-Worlds Earwig Ltd production £ 850,000
Total £ 850,000

Medusa Deluxe Production limited to £ 740,000 UME15
Medusa Deluxe UME15 Limited £ 20,000 Building Initiative
Total £ 760,000

Top 10 Distribution Awards:

Saint maud Studiocanal Limited £ 100,000

Metal sound Vertigo Releasing Ltd £ 60,000

A man and his shoes Dartmouth Films Limited £ 53,453

The perfect candidate Modern Films Entertainment Ltd. £ 50,000

And then we danced Peccadillo Pictures Limited £ 49,272

MLK / FBI Dogwoof Ltd £ 40,000

White riot Modern Films Entertainment Ltd. £ 31,000

Se Picturehouse Entertainment Limited £ 30,000

Perfect 10 606 Distribution Ltd £ 15,450

Eternal beauty Bulldog Film Distribution Limited £ 13,500

Top 10 Organizational Awards:

National strategic activities to provide support and capacity building to the UK independent cinema exhibition industry Independent Cinema Office – £ 577,364

Altitude film distribution – £ 495,000

Sheffield Doc / Fest 2020 International Film Festival Sheffield – £ 210,000

Reimagining Film Exhibition, The Watershed Arts Trust Limited – £ 195,000

HOME, Greater Manchester Arts Center Ltd – £ 185,000

Birds Eye View / Collect the frame, Birds Eye View – £ 165,000

Cinema For All – Building Film Communities Across the UK, Federation of British Film Companies – £ 159,442

Broadway Organizing Award 2020, Nottingham Media Center Limited – £ 150,000

Phoenix Cinema and Art Center, Leicester Arts Center Ltd – £ 150,000

Showroom Cinema, The Sheffield Media and Exhibition Center Limited – £ 150,000

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