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Creative Artists Agency announced on Tuesday that the sixth edition of its Moebius Film Festival will take place from June 9 to 10.

The two-day virtual screening series, featuring various graduate filmmakers, will host talent from AFI, CalArts, UCLA, USC and Chapman University. 12 directors will be represented, coming from six countries.

Their live and animated programming will be broadcast live on the 9th and 10th starting at 6:30 p.m. PST. As has been the case in recent years, CAA agents will be on hand for the event, to mentor the filmmakers. Professionals from various major agencies, management companies, production companies, studios, networks and streamers are also expected to attend.

Palm Springs director Max Barbakow signs with CAA

CAA Moebius was founded in 2015 by Christina Chou, Zach Kaplan and Pete Stein, then interns and now CAA theater agents, in concert with Lingie Park. The festival is produced thanks to a collaboration of colleagues from CAA’s Motion Pictures department. Its notable alumni include Palm springs director Max Barbakow, Dinner is served coxswain Hao Zheng, Felope Vargas (Loteria) and Samir Oliveros, winner of the DGA Jury Prize.

“In a time of profound change and unprecedented challenges, these talented storytellers from around the world have been inspired to create art,” Chou, Kaplan, Park and Stein said today in a joint statement. “We are proud to celebrate the Moebius 2021 filmmakers and share their work with the creative community. “

Below you will find information on the films screened at the 2021 festival:

June 9

WILD SEED directed by Sunyin Zhang

During the period of the one-child policy, Peng, an illegally pregnant mother, escapes her home and begins a lonely journey into the vast desert to hide from the ruthless members of the government.

JULIETTE directed by Ira Storozhenko

JULIETTE tells the story of a transgender teenager, Serena. As a new girl in her new school, she is calm and shy, but she still dreams of being “Juliet” in the school play – like every other girl. When she decides to audition for the lead role, the competition is stiff and her peers make it nearly impossible, but she finds the courage to put herself in the spotlight and accept herself as she is.

MY EX-PETIT FRIEND directed by Cissi Efraimsson

A woman finds her boyfriend in a strange transformation. A surrealist representation of two lovers who separate.

MASS AVE directed by Omar S. Kamara

During a day of landscaping work, a first-generation Sierra Leonean American and his immigrant father see their strained relationship and their differing views on life irreversibly transformed when they are racially profiled by the police.

KISS OR DIE BRIAN by Liat Krongrad

In 2005, at the age of 12, Brian heard a rumor that his girlfriend was ready to ‘hook up’ and sought advice from his peers, pop culture and the internet.

SOAK directed by Hannah Bang

A 16-year-old girl tries to convince her runaway mother to come home.

June 10

KUSH: A BUBBLEGUM WESTERN directed by Anthony Sneed

A relationship is put to the test when a couple is arrested while smuggling 25 pounds of marijuana into their trunk.

BIND directed by Inka Rusi

A teenage girl reconciles with her father whose hard love for the good hides a need for control.

LAKUTSHON ‘ILANGA directed by Phumi Morare

A young black nurse living in 1985 under apartheid South Africa faces her worst fears when she learns that her militant younger brother may be in danger if he does not come home after school.

ONIONS directed by Anna Scott

Two flightless onions, Henry and Harold, set off on a journey through the woods of Snolly-Goster.


Through layers of re-enactment, siblings Scott, Sharon and Craig recount dramatic memories of their childhood sailing trips. A History of Running Ground examines how their family’s sense of humor about the experience masks trauma.

UNMOTHERED directed by Urvashi Pathania

A tragicomedy about the lies we tell those we love. When Priyanka, a rebellious American, returns to India to plunge her mother’s ashes, she discovers that her funny family has kept a serious secret.

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