County in yellow, reopening level by the end of the month – Deadline

“I hope we continue to see a decrease in cases and qualify for the yellow level in three weeks,” Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said on Monday.

As the fitshopee indicated on Friday, California is on track to meet a vaccination measure this week that will lower thresholds for counties to move to less restrictive levels in the state’s reopening levels. When this happens, the key condition for moving from orange level to yellow level will be alleviated. Instead of needing just one new daily case of Covid-19 per 100,000 people, counties can reach up to 2 new cases per 100,000 people.

See the table below for a breakdown of the relaxed level thresholds. LA County already meets the other two yellow level requirements – positive tests countywide and positive tests in the bottom quartile. Los Angeles County’s rate of new cases last week was 3.1 per 100,000 people. Orange County’s case rate as of Friday was 2.8 per 100,000.

California to take key vaccination milestone next week, sparking wider statewide reopening

Graph showing CA vaccine levels after 4 million vaccinations in the lowest economic quartile
via CA state

Ferrer has often been more cautious than his peers in other counties in California when it comes to reopening. While Orange County health experts cleared that area to switch to Red last month, as soon as the county was eligible, Ferrer kept Los Angeles in the most restrictive purple level for five more days in order to ensure that health officials saw three weeks of data – a period in line with recommendations related to the life cycle of Covid-19 infections.

And there are reasons for caution, as cases nationwide are on the rise for the first time in weeks and California is seeing worrying variants – like the ‘double mutant’ detected over the weekend – spreading across the country. within its borders.

As a result, Los Angeles once again fell behind in Orange County last week to switch from red to orange, but Ferrer announced on Monday that the region had officially taken the plunge.

“We haven’t seen any increase in the reopening of the red level,” she said. “In general, the state has always indicated that it expects counties to stay for three weeks in one level before qualifying for a new level.”

Upgrading to the Orange level means that local cinemas can reach 50% of their capacity or 200 customers, whichever is less. Some Angelenos are already anticipating the next jump as the numbers continue to improve.

“I don’t think we will qualify to go to the yellow level this week,” Ferrer continued, before noting that it takes two straight weeks of downsizing to officially qualify for a level. “Which means we will probably be in the Orange level within the next three weeks.”

Even so, if Los Angeles and Orange Counties soon enter the yellow quadrant of state guidelines, it would make the difference between reopening at 25% and 35% of Disneyland’s capacity when the park opens on April 30. The same goes for Magic Mountain and Universal Studios Hollywood, which will both be open before that date, but would surely welcome the increase in attendance.

To get a feel for the impact of the change from orange to yellow on industries like concerts, sporting events, and movie premieres, check out the charts below.

covid-tiers gatherings

covid-tiers gatherings

covid-tiers gatherings

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