Director Kritik Kumar’s ‘Dilli Kaand’ trailer released!

Launch of the trailer for the film “Dilli Kaand” by the director “Kritik Kumar”

The trailer for “Dilli Kaand”, a feature film based on several rape cases in Delhi, premiered on April 2, 2021 at the Cinepolis Theater in Mumbai.

Writer / Director and Producer Kritik Kumar & Film Music released by Zee Music Company.

The film will hit theaters on April 16, 2021. Director Kritik Kumar, actress Kaashvi Kanchan, Preetika Chauhan and Shaahbaz Baweja were in attendance at the launch.

Speaking to the media, film director and producer Kritik Kumar said that in the trailer for the film you feel the film is based on the Nirbhaya case, but in reality it is based on all the incidents of rape in the country.

“So far the investigation of the gang rape case has been shown in many films while in our film we have shown what happened inside the bus and how it happened. .

“Plus, what happens to a girl, how much pain does she have to go through, what happens to her family, all of those things are depicted in the movie.”

“Through this film, we also tried to convey the message that people should speak out against the persecution, rape or assault of a woman. People don’t show up to help. “

Producer / director Kritik Kumar added that it took me 6-7 months to get the film censored. The censorship committee asked me to keep a 4 minute scene ra * e, whereas in my film there was a 12 minute scene, then a lot of scenes were cut and finally a 9 minute scene was kept .

Produced under the Fashion Parade Films banner, the film was co-produced by 21st Century Arts. Southern actress Kashvi Kanchan played the role of a girl victim of gang rape.

In the film, Shaahbaz Baweja played a difficult rap * st role. Virender Saxena plays the role of the father of the girl who was raped in the film, while TV actress Preetika Chauhan plays the role of a journalist.

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