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CE5 Contact APK is an educational application on Android. We offer version 1.0.20, the latest version that has been optimised for different devices.

You can choose the CE5 Contact APK version that suits your phone, tablet, TV. We support all Android devices such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, Vivo, Motorola.

Selecting the correct version will make the CE5 Contact app work better, faster and use less battery. You can experience the version for other devices running on your device.

Download the CE5 Contact application directly without a Google account, without registration, no login is required. Our system stores older versions of CE5 Contact APK, trial versions, VIP versions.

 CE5 Contact APK Introduction

CE5 Contact provides instructions and tools to help you establish peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, as well as to locate others in your area who are interested in making contact.

The CE5 protocols were developed by Dr. Steven Greer, one of the world’s leading authorities on UFO, intelligence and extraterrestrial technologies and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. Dr. Greer’s tireless efforts towards the dissemination of classified UFO/extraterrestrial information have inspired millions of followers around the world.

Characteristics of CE5 Contact APK

  • Official training materials developed by Dr. Greer
  • CE5 Guide, which provides an overview of all CE5 related topics
  • CE5 process, which guides users step by step through all aspects of CE5 initiation
  • New built-in network functionality to find and send messages to other people interested in CE5
  • Complete list of equipment
  • Extensive library with videos, images, audio samples and meditations


The new networking and messaging features at CE5 Contact are under active development as we collect feedback from our users. Once we have processed all feedback we plan to move CE5 Contact from a fixed price application to a monthly subscription to help offset our recurring costs to support these features.

This first version of CE5 Contact requires an active internet connection. Future upgrades will include offline functionality.

CE5 Contact replaces the previous “ET Contact” application. You can continue to use the old application if it is installed on your device, but new features and updates (including networks, new meditations, sounds, examples etc.) will only be added to the CE5 Contact application.

Download CE5 Contact Apk v1.0.20

Download CE5 Contact Apk v1.0.24