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Friday Night Funkin Apk is a music based game. The game revolves around two characters, boyfriend and girlfriend, and the goal to kiss them at the end of the night. However, the friend must come through his father first! You have to impress daddy dearest by playing your best music! There will be other enemies along the way, so you must prepare to defeat them with the power of music.

Let the music play!

Friday Night Funkin Apk challenges your sense of rhythm. The game will ask you to press a button at a specific time: the screen will show which button to press and the game will mark both for a specific time and for a little while. The mechanics are similar to DDR when you press a button when a floating arrow matches its shape (at the top of the screen).

DOWNLOAD Funkin debug one apk

Boy with sky blue hair and white skin: you will play as a friend. He dreams of kissing his girlfriend, but his father won’t let him. The friend must first be able to beat them in a sing-in. Using your WASD or arrow keys, you need to align each arrow optimally. The result of each turn is determined by a measuring device at the bottom of the screen.

This game gives us hidden secrets and interesting challenges to complete the mission of breaking the stages of the game with our talents.

You will have a fun experience in which you will have to try to be friends with the father of the bride. He is a former rock star. The meter can rotate to the left or to the right. When a friend loses, it rotates to the right and to the left. The color of the meter also depends on how well you play (green for winning and red for losing). You will also play against other musicians such as Pico, Monster and Skid and Pump. The mechanics of the game is still who you play against.


Boyfriend is the main character of the Friday Night Funkin app. He wants to prove his worth by raping his girlfriend’s family so they can accept him. He also fights with others during his travels. He has no confirmed name.


Friend after not spoiling

In the game, he becomes very self-conscious until he makes a mess or misses something that makes him very nervous. If a player messes up too often, his health will reach a point where his bones will break.
The friend is a 19-year-old boy with blue hair and a white T-shirt symbolizing crossing out. Blue jeans and red shoes restrain the appearance of a tight robe.

DOWNLOAD Funkin debug one apk


The bride is the love interest of the groom and the daughter of mom and dad. She usually stands on top of the sound system, which makes you happy when you reach the tempo of the music. This tutorial will teach you how to play and keep an eye on your playboy.


The friend is a young woman, with white skin, wearing a red dress and heels, she has longer and burned hair, has big black eyes and red nails.


This cherry dr. She loves paper, as confirmed by Ninjamafin 99’s tweet.
He is terrified of the roar when he reacts when you hit the animation during the second week phase.
He cries when you don’t hit a note during the combo combo.
In the third week, when the train passes in the background, friends’ hair flies in the air.
Match to win!
On Friday night, Funkin Apk could go on an unusual journey. The gameplay is similar to a retro rhythm or puzzle game, making it incredibly easy to play. However, it is still very challenging as the songs can vary in rhythm and tempo.


DOWNLOAD Funkin debug one apk

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How to download and install Apk?

  1. First, download the Friday Night Funkin Apk APK by clicking on the Download button.
  2. Go to your device settings and allow unknown sources.
  3. Go back to your download area and tap the “Install” button in the installer.
  4. Your installation process will be saturated.
  5. After installation, open the app, then play and enjoy.
  6. DOWNLOAD Funkin debug one apk


Friday Night Funkin Apk is the best app in the music theme category. It is a safe app for Android devices. This Apk has already been tested. Download, play and share this app with your friends and family.

I thought it might be too late, so I quit the app and restarted it and the next one still doesn’t work.

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DOWNLOAD Funkin debug one apk

Download Friday Night Funkin Apk for Android, APK file name and app developer company is Friday Night. Friday Night Funkin Apk Android latest version of 1.0 you can free download APK and then install it on an Android phone.

Friday Night Funkin Apk is a game on Android, directly download Friday Night Funkin Apk latest version for Android. Friday Night Funkin Apk can be played for free and without root, Friday Night Funkin Apk is also a game for.

Friday Night Funkin Apk can be downloaded and installed on your Android device running Android version 5.0 or higher. Download this game using your favorite browser and click install to install the game. Download Friday Night Funkin Apk easier and faster.

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DOWNLOAD Funkin debug one apk