Download Incredibox APK

Download Incredibox APK

Incredibox is a music game that helps you create a mix very easily by managing a band of beatboxers. Simply drag and drop icons on the different characters and start creating music! Find the right combos during the game and unlock animated bonuses that will help you improve your mix.

Record your creation and then share it with your friends around the world. If you get enough votes, you can join the top 50 list. Too lazy to create your own mix? No problem, just let the automatic mode play for you

  • Express your musicality with Incredibox!
  • Pumping and cooling

The first version of Incredibox was created in 2009 and received very positive feedback, including recognition from the Adobe newsletter, BBC Click, Yahoo News, The FWA and more. The online game has attracted over 50 million visitors since its inception. Enjoyed by music teachers, Incredibox is also used in schools to introduce rhythm to children.

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  • A new version 8 called “Dystopia” has been added to the application!
  • Find the right combination of sounds and unlock the first video clip (the next ones will be available soon)
  • Minor error corrections