Eleventh Hour Movies Options Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast for the TV Series – Deadline

Eleventh Hour Films has acquired the rights to Ghislaine hunting, a podcast on the disappearance of Jeffrey Epstein’s close associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, with a view to making it into a limited television series.

The six-part podcast was produced by LBC after being commissioned by UK radio parent company Global and The Story Lab, which is part of advertising group Dentsu. It was presented by former BBC journalist John Sweeney.

Ghislaine hunting tells the story of Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced billionaire media mogul Robert Maxwell, who allegedly aided and abetted Epstein’s series of sex crimes.

Maxwell disappeared when Epstein’s life began to crumble, but she reappeared when she was arrested by the FBI last year. She denies six charges of seducing girls for sex with Epstein and perjury.

Paula Cuddy, Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green will executive produce for Sony-backed Eleventh Hour, alongside Chris Baughen for Global and Robbie Ashcroft for The Story Lab. Sweeney will act as a serial consultant and executive producer.

Cuddy, Creative Director of Eleventh Hour, said, “John’s compelling podcast Ghislaine hunting puts Ghislaine Maxwell center stage, unravels her story, and asks what went wrong for the girl who seemed to have it all. Set in a richly glittering international world, dark secrets are revealed and still in the shadows looms the formative relationship between a daughter and her father. It has all the hallmarks of a high end drama. “

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