Elon Musk, future SNL host, asks for suggestions on Twitter for show Skits – Deadline

Elon Musk, already under fire from multiple directions for his next appearance as SNL host, appeals to the wisdom of the crowd.

Musk asked Twitter to present him some SNL sketches as he prepares for an already controversial May 8 concert. Musk’s call for concepts follows reports that some SNL stars are outraged by his inclusion on the show.

But the CEO of Space X / Tesla doesn’t seem concerned about the noise.

“Throw in some sketch ideas for SNL. What should I do? ”Musk polled his 52.5 million Twitter followers on Saturday.

Musk primed the pump with three of his own throws: “Woke James Bond,” “Baby Shark and Shark Tank merge to form Baby Shark Tank,” and “Irony Man – beat baddies using the power of irony.”

Users have dived tastefully on occasion.

“The aliens found your Tesla Roadster sent into space in 2018 and are trying to figure out what it is,” was a concept. “You play Chris Hansen on ‘To Catch a PP Loan’ with Ross Gerber,” and “Something about how this is all a simulation.”

Of course, not everyone was nice, with someone suggesting that Musk try a sketch based on his famous motivation techniques for Tesla: “I need this tomorrow or you’re fired.”

Musk seems to enjoy his interactions on social media and has a history of spontaneous and controversial comments. Last month, he noted that some people who would be part of his space program’s efforts to reach Mars would likely die.

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