“Godzilla versus. Kong’s Quiet First Weekend at the Box Office – Deadline

SUNDAY AM WRITE-THRU: Refresh for updates and chart Without new wide and New Line versions Mortal combat pushed to next weekend, Warner Bros./Legendary’s Godzilla vs. Kong is still in charge in 3,001 cinemas with 3 days of $ 7.7M, -44% cash now $ 80.5M national. Broken it is $ 2.075 million on Friday, -47% from a week ago, $ 3.6M Saturday and $ 2 million Sunday. As we told you last weekend, the Adam Wingard feature is about to take advantage.

GvK will be on HBO Max for another two weeks, then it will be exclusive to theaters for another month. As we mentioned earlier, the fourth is on PVOD in Canada, given the number of theaters that are closed there. The provinces of Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta remain closed in the Great White North.

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Although Godzilla vs. Kong lit the domestic box office on fire over Easter weekend, we’re still on hold here, waiting for the domestic soundtrack to wake up. I mean, New York is still at 33% capacity. Really, Cuomo, this has to stop. According to distribution sources, 56% of the 5.8K theaters in the United States and Canada are open.

Also, this week’s news of the Arclight / Pacific theaters closing is a huge blow to the Los Angeles theatrical market. In 2019, LA generated more than $ 905 million and this local channel fed 11% of that number. Seriously, the studios can’t live without that money, and Hollywood Arclight and Cinerama Dome are launch theaters. This is where an independent film from an aspiring filmmaker can make its debut, and ultimately cross paths, shine and make a long-term career. Conversations with sources last week believe these theaters will return, it’s just a matter of who, when, and if it’s Decurion in some form or form in the end as a minority partner.

Everything there is pure speculation and not solid, as Arclight / Pacific / Decurion has gone radio silent in their lease negotiations. As for those kicking the tires, I can tell you it’s not Alamo (going bankrupt), AMC, or Netflix. As for Netflix, despite their purchases from Paris and The Egyptian, they have no desire to own a bigger theater and stray beyond their streaming wheelhouse. But all of that is a failure for the film industry: if you really want to play around with theater windows and do daring things like streaming day in and day out, here’s what’s on. Theaters are closing, especially as they try to resuscitate themselves after a year of lockdown.

As for exposure on the rise: Regal reopened 11 locations last weekend, with plans to reopen 44 more next weekend in time for New Line Mortal combat. Another 177 Regal sites will be turning on the lights for the weekend of May 7-9, followed by 138 on May 14 and 129 on May 21. In California, 15 counties went from red to orange, increasing the capacity of their auditoriums to 50% or 200 people. Among these are the counties of Napa, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura.

Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell in Nobody, directed by Ilya Naishuller.

In second place this weekend at the soundtrack, Universal’s R-rated Bob Odenkirk action film Nobody, with a fourth Friday of $ 730K, -1%, on the way to an excellent 3-day catch, -5%, with $ 2.52M and a total per DOE of $ 19.05 million.

Sony’s Third Friday The ungodly made around 590 K $, -16% compared to a week ago, on 2057 theaters (+207) for an estimated duration of 3 days in third place of 2.1 M $, -13% and a total of $ 9.6 million.

From disney Raya and the last dragon in 1,945 theaters on weekend 7 made $ 471,000 on Friday, -18%, for 3 days of $ 1.9M, -14%, for a total of $ 37.6M.

Warner Bros. Tom and Jerry appears to rank 5th for the weekend with around $ 1 million, -17% and a cume of $ 42.5 million.

In the ground

NEON has opened his horror film about the pandemic directed by Ben Wheatley In the ground which made its world premiere at Sundance. The photo, which had notable west coast ticket sales, ranks in the top 10 with $ 506,000 out of 547 races in 129 markets and a score of 75% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes. NEON was also far from the top 10 of the documentary directed by Victor Kosakovskiy Gunda in five locations in New York, LA (including Pico Blvd Landmark) and San Francisco which debuted at $ 5,000 on a fresh RT score certified at 98%. The black-and-white feature looks at the daily life of a pig and its fellow farm animals: two cows and a one-legged chicken.

In regards to GvK, RelishMix updates that on social media, “The trailer for the two videos posted to Youtube for the film, owned by the main studio, has reached 86 million views and an increase of 10.5 million since it opened on March 31. , and has a persistently high viral repost rate of 48: 1. Fan chat debates about the team they’re on, from Godzilla to Kong and back again – and in videos from the movie, fans debate the fight scenes as proof of who really rules the world.

We are building the top 10 this weekend….

1.) Godzilla vs. Kong (WB / Leg) 3,100 theaters (-83) / Fri $ 2.1 M / Sat $ 3.6 M / Sun $ 2 M / 3 days $ 7.7M (-44%) / Total: $ 80.5M /Week 3

2.) Nobody (Uni) 2405 cinemas (+5) Fri $ 730K / Sat $ 1.1M / Sun $ 690K / 3 days: $ 2.52M (-5%) / Total $ 19.05 million/ Week 4

3.) The ungodly (Sony) 2057 theaters (+207) // Fri K $ / Sat M $ / Sun K $ /M $ (-%)/Total: M $/ Week 3

4.) Raya and the last dragon (Say) 1945 cinemas (+4), Fri 471 K $ / Sat 885 K $ / Sun 544 K $ / 3 days: $ 1.9M (-14%), total: $ 37.6M/ Week 7

5.) Tom and Jerry (WB) 2028 theaters (-52), 3 days: $ xM (-x%) / Total: $ xM/ Week 8

6.) Travelers (LG / AGC) 1996 theaters (+24) Fri K $ / Sat K $ / Sun K $ / 3 days: M $/ Total: M $ / Week 2

7.) The girl who believes in miracles (Atlas) 1012 theaters (+112) Fri 155 K $ / Sat 244 K $ / Sun 162 K $ / 3 days $ xK (+ x%) / Total: $ 1.8M/ Week 3

8.) In the ground (NEON) 547 theaters, / Fri 205 K $ / Sat 185 K $ / Sun 116 K $ / 3 days: $ 506K/ Week 1

9.) The mail (RSA) 922 theaters (-85), / Fri K $ / Sat K $ / Sun K $ / 3 days: K $ (-x%) / Total: M $/ Week 5

ten.) Croods: a new age (Uni) 1169 theaters (= 30), Fri 65 K $ / Sat 150 K $ / Sun 95 K $ / 3 days: $ 310,000 (+ 27%) / Total: $ 57.1M/ Week 21

In the perspective of the buzz on social networks Mortal combat next weekend, as we first told you, the Red Band trailer scored 116 million views, the second best for such a trailer after Warner Bros. ‘James Gunn ranked R The suicide squad. RelishMix senses a lot of heat here on this reboot of the adaptation of video game features.

Mortal combat
New line

“Mixed with previous trailers and clips Mortal combat movies, TV shows, gaming hardware, plus picture-in-picture spanning over 10 years – and views of the top ten videos at 452 million plus that movie-specific social media universe at 141.2 million, the overall brand awareness is exceptional. Meter activity is strong for fresh materials, given a shortened track of six weeks. The film has an added advantage of the momentum of Warners’ releases in social quadrangular cross-promotion across Warner Pictures 54.7M, HBO Max 2.5M, Warner Games 1.1M, and New Line Cinema social at 355K feeding the social network. of the film at 328K, ”reports corp analytics.

Regarding the chatter, RelishMix adds, “Super fan expectations are high and they call for references to characters and other incarnations in the franchise – and how Godzilla vs. Kong is a good preparation for Mortal combat, as well as positive discussions about the Justice League Snyder Cup in the HBO Max ecosystem as well. “

As for the social media star in the cast, it’s Joe Taslim who plays Bi-Han / Sub-zero in the film. He has 2.2 million fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As for the notable social media docs, RelishMix applauds the fan reaction trailer that was released on February 25 and is north of 206K views on YouTube.


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