“I know we’ll get there” – Deadline

On his first Presidents Day as President of the United States, Joe Biden posted a video message calling for unity and a spirit of public cooperation.

Text tweeted alongside the video read, “American history is not a story of presidents, it’s a story of the American people – a story of courage, character, strength, and resilience.” It was also at the opening of the video message he delivered.

Biden’s missive – one minute, twenty-nine seconds – had echoed his inaugural address and other recent public statements, especially the phrase: “If we do it together as a nation, a people, an America, we will not fail. America has never done it.

Another bit that recalls its inauguration: “I promise you, my whole soul is in the work that awaits us.”

The president also referred to predecessors who experienced similar periods of great disunity and national conflict: Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Johnson.

“I know we’re going to get through this,” he said in the clip, “because I know the history of this country. The American people have never, ever let this country down, given it half a chance.

Some, including presidential historian Michael Beschloss, took to Twitter to point out that officially the holiday is still specifically known as “Washington’s birthday.”

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