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Juno Temple never really did a comedy. In fact, with roles like Atonement, Cracks, Little birds and Black Mass, to name a few, she plowed her domain as a specialist in the darkest darkness and savored every moment. She may have been surprised when co-creator Jason Sudeikis texted her with a role in Ted lasso, but she says she couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity it gave her, to explore the heat and the light even as the world rushed towards pandemic and protest. She plays Keeley Jones, a bright soul whose flame is clouded by the stereotype of her status as the girlfriend of a football star, until she is ignited by an unlikely friendship with club owner Rebecca.

Bill Lawrence’s goal for “Ted Lasso”: “Pardon, empathy, optimism and other things” – Contenders TV

DEADLINE: This character is a new challenge for you. What excited – and perhaps terrified – you to participate?

JUNO TEMPLE: Is not it? Normally I am presented as very dark and gloomy characters.

This one came to me personally through Jason. I got a text from him because I’ve known him for a few years. I honestly thought he texted the wrong person by accident. I was like, “Oh, no. He’s gonna think I’m funny. It’ll be a disaster. I kept waiting for him to text again and say,” Shit, I meant that for somebody. another one. “But it never came. Then I read the pilot and thought it was such a great idea. We got together and he told me a little bit about the plan. of Keeley’s journey from start to finish of the season. Not in crazy detail – it’s still close enough to his chest – but he described the show he wanted to do in British terms Office meets Friday night lights. I thought, if he can pull that off, it’s some sort of witchcraft.

DEADLINE: What happened next ?

TEMPLE: It was a quick turnaround because I had shot those other projects. I was just coming from another project where I play a much darker character; Little birds. I was back in LA, but my suitcases hadn’t even arrived before I had to get on the plane to go shoot Ted lasso.

I was terrified because all the actors who were attached were these amazing people who were all very good at being funny. I don’t consider myself to be a comedy actress at all. The idea of ​​having that kind of timing is just terrifying to me. What was really cool about the first season was that these brilliant co-stars taught me so much.

Jason was so patient with me, when almost every 10 minutes I was like, “I don’t know how to make this funny.” He said, “Don’t worry; you don’t have to. Be yourself. Be exactly as you would be as Keeley and everything will fall into place. The writing is so extraordinary that you know the character you play intimately. Everything about the show, from the costumes and make-up to the production design, is so beautifully put together that you’d have to be really bad at your job to screw it all up.

DEADLINE: You didn’t expect to be able to act. Over the course of the season, Keeley doesn’t expect her to be destined for anything bigger. And when you meet her, you see the stereotype before you see the person. Did you see a parallel there?

TEMPLE: Yes. I love that line in the first season, Keeley talks about when she was 18, she was dating 23, and now she’s almost 30, still dating 23. I think there is something to be said about that period of about 10 years, where social media has become a thing. The WAG [Wives And Girlfriends; a popular acronym for the partners of professional soccer players in the UK] the picture isn’t something we’re really aware of anymore, because that was the work of the tabloids. It was magazine covers and being typed with their boyfriends in fancy restaurants. She’s already wondering how to stay relevant given this change, when 10 years ago she was posing in men’s magazines.

Ted lasso

I think the thing that really turned me on about the conversation I had with Jason was the relationship Keeley would have with Rebecca. We don’t see such female friendships often enough. They are two women who support and love each other, even if they are different. Grow, Thelma and Louise was one of my favorite movies of all time. I still watch it, honestly, once every two weeks. It’s really about two women supporting each other, and it’s not about being competitive. It’s about fully encouraging the woman you love to thrive and be the best version of herself. I think these relationships should be shown as much as humanly possible because these are the relationships of my life – Juno’s life – that, my god, I would have died without them.

So, Keeley, she’s always been told she has boobs and butt, and I think Rebecca was the one who made her realize that she has a smart brain that she could apply to advertising or marketing. And Keeley really opens Rebecca’s eyes to her beautiful sexuality and that she has to own it and be aware that her femininity is the power she has to bring into the world. And it was such a gift to turn, because Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca, is a monumental force of nature, and an inspiration to me, besides being one of my greatest friends in life.

DEADLINE: You are currently shooting the second season. How was the return to Keeley?

TEMPLE: I can’t say a word about what’s going on [laughs]. But I will say that I really feel grateful to come back. This is the first time that I return to a character. I did a TV show a while ago that was supposed to run for more seasons called Vinyl, but this is not the case. So that was new to me too, and a little intimidating. But stepping into Keeley’s free space – which really is a beam of light – during this crazy time to live, where the world is suffering on so many levels and people close doors rather than open their ears and s ‘hearing, was special. Keeley really saved my sanity.

DEADLINE: Do characters always have a tendency to bleed in your life?

TEMPLE: I can not help it. Even with the way you dress or interact with people; I can’t help but become a bit of a method. I mean, obviously I’m not really method, because if I were, I would have died a hundred times. But they are bleeding. And also, I hope to leave a little bit of me with each of them as well. You certainly learn and grow because of it. Acting is like going to the University of Humanity. If you don’t learn from every character you’re doing it wrong, I think.

Juno Ted Lasso Temple

DEADLINE: Given your fears at the start of the comedy, were you surprised at how many dramatic moments the show allowed?

TEMPLE: It wasn’t that much that surprised me, but even with times that I had been aware of, like the episode with the gala, and all the beat with Roy, Jamie, and Keeley, it was a shoot. really amazing and it really hit me like an arrow in my heart when Brett [Goldstein] gave this performance. The joy of watching the show as an audience member was that there were so many scenes that I wasn’t a part of, and so I got to see all of these amazing performances and the journeys of these characters, with my girlfriends and my friends and family. The lesson that Ted lasso don’t judge a book by its cover – there’s a whole novel in between, and you have to read it to know someone. It’s something I’m so proud to be a part of because I really believe in it. There was probably more drama than I thought, but then, as humans, what do we do in dark times? We laugh through them.

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