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Midnight sky is a great sci-fi movie from Netflix that feels too relatable in telling a human story of survival as humans attempt to leave planet Earth after it was rendered uninhabitable by an undisclosed self-inflicted apocalyptic event. The Contenders Deadline segment of the film features director and producer George Clooney with his cast members Kyle Chandler, Felicity Jones, and Demián Bichir.

With David Oyelowo and Tiffany Boone, the trio play as the crew of a spaceship returning from a two-year trip to the moon of Jupiter which will become the new home of humanity. Clooney’s dying character Augustus Lofthouse must warn them to turn around.

Clooney and his team tackle the founding of a large-scale sci-fi premise with an inherently human story scripted by The ghostby Mark L. Smith; how they broke new sci-fi film terrain by featuring a death scene of Boone’s character after his spacesuit was pierced by shrapnel, showing the manifestation of the fatal wound through bubbles of blood floating in his suit, then in the capsule of a weightless spacecraft; the surprise Jones let down on Clooney with her pregnancy and how that turned into a creative asset to the film’s plot, and how they managed to bypass the boundaries of the actress’ pregnancy and make her always featured in complicated zero gravity VFX spaceship scenes.

There was also the choreography of capturing scenes from the snow blizzard in Iceland, which looked as dangerous as it looked on screen.

Check back for the panel video.

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