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There is a new hero in town. Javicia Leslie dons the cape and hood for the second season of Batwoman on The CW and she hits the ground running.

On January 17, Leslie will make history as the first Black Batwoman – and the first Black “Bat” hero for that matter. She will play Ryan Wilder who replaces Kate Kane. Leslie puts her own stamp on the character with a bold and refreshing sense of rebellion. When it comes to inclusivity, the new Batwoman presents intersectionality as a queer black woman, who aligns with Leslie’s own identity – something she’s proud of.

In the new season, Ryan discovers Kate Kane’s Batsuit and decides to give it a test drive which leads to an unexpected and drastic change in his life. Ryan sees the suit as her chance to finally be powerful and no longer a victim as she survives the rough city streets.

The new season of the CW superhero series adds even more inclusivity to the Arrowverse and could very well be a game-changer when it comes to portraying the LGBTQ + community, people of color and other marginalized people. in superhero space. Leslie stopped by Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast to talk about entering the role of Ryan Wilder / Batwoman and making history as the first Black Batwoman. And although she’s a badass superhero, she has disclosed her irrational fear – because she’s human after all. Listen to the episode below.

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