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Spoiler alert: Warning! This interview and post-mortem episode contains details of tonight’s Big Sky episode 9, “Let It Be Him”

We saw some breathtaking stuff tonight.

For example, private investigators Cassie and Jenny (Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick) chase an autopilot Tesla requisitioned by a dead priest with kidnapped little Erik (Evan Whitten) on the passenger side. Another takeaway from tonight: If you want to bring such an autopilot Tesla to a complete stop, just stand in front of it. And that’s exactly what Cassie and Jenny did in a near-fatal collision.

While we have always known that the days of Montana State Soldier John Carroll Lynch Sex Trafficking Soldier Rick Legarski were numbered (I mean he was SHOT in the head) nothing was over. shocking to this day that the way he left this Earth. And no, he wasn’t buried in a van like poor Cody (Ryan Phillippe).

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Brooke Smith

“He won’t be free after all,” Sheriff Walter Tubb (Patrick Gallagher) told Cassie and Jenny at the end of tonight’s episode on Rick. No kidding. Evil Ronald could have killed Rick. Even Cassie tried to harass Rick in the hospital by refreshing his long-term memory. However, it was his second wife Merilee (Brooke Smith), who, as Lynch says below in our interview with him, would “no longer be fooled”. She remembered how twisted Rick was; how he tried to murder her with a hammer and a song, “If I had a hammer.” All of this prompted her not to pull any of his cords or his oxygen in the hospital, but rather to club him with a hammer; she is gravely disgusted by her involvement in little Erik’s disappearance, not to mention Rick’s attorney’s determination to send him away.

Before the credits roll, we see Ronald still on the run, back in his 18 Wheeler. He threw himself out of that fugitive Tesla after putting the priest and little Erik in it. No worries, because we know Cassie and Jenny will get closer. The duo have so much courage, they led what would be considered a SWAT team in Montana and attacked Ronald’s house; the bad guy who trapped the place with gas and torches.

It will be interesting to see what the fallout is here for the noble and ironic Merilee. Gosh, are we on his side. he quotes one of Rick’s songs before she is taken away. See, when he was trying to solve a problem, he would sing, “I know an old lady who swallowed a fly.” Merilee sings: “I don’t know why she married the fly…”.

After learning from Tubbs that Merilee offended Rick, Jenny said to Cassie towards the end of tonight’s episode, “Well, that’s some kind of justice.”

“Yeah,” Cassie replies, “but not the kind I was looking for.”

Here’s Lynch with her exit interview with Big Rick:

This is the second time Rick has “died”. Was that the way he was supposed to die, at the hands of Merilee, or was there a chance he would die sooner when he was shot in the head?

John Carroll Lynch: The writers had a tough job in that we originally had an order for ten episodes and they were writing a serialized show that would be transitional from book to book. As the order was expanded to 16, the question was how to gracefully end one story and move on to the next. So I knew at the time of filming with Cassie, that wasn’t going to be the end of the character. But I didn’t know how the end was going to turn out. I think to some extent neither have they (the writers). But it was perfectly arranged.

Did it surprise you that it was Merilee and not Ronald or Cassie who killed Rick?

JCL: In thrillers like this, there is a question of who is the person who is going to have the greatest emotional satisfaction for the audience and Merilee is the perfect choice; she will no longer be fooled. They foreshadow the hammer. At one point, they (the writers) knew. I did not ask or share with me. I’m sure they would have told me how it ended. At some point in the process, [EP] Ross [Fineman] asked me “Do you want to know what’s going on? and I was like, ‘No, I don’t think so. I don’t think I need to know. One of the beauties of filming episodic television, especially episodic serial television, is that it takes place very close to life. When telling a story, it’s very satisfying to have a beginning, middle, and end to work with. It’s also interesting to discover, as I do in my life, things that are happening and that can be satisfying in serialized network television.

So when did they let you know when you were going to die? Literally when they handed you the script for episode 9?

JCL: Ross said, “I think we’ll say goodbye to you in 9.” It was somewhere in 108, they told me. I said I would wait to know when I got the script.

The whole series is really about what’s going on in our society between #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, Defund the Police and the ultra-conservative faction of our divided nation. At the start of the series, Rick tells his boss, Sheriff Walter Tubb, how life isn’t as good as it was in Reagan’s days. Can you explain how to play a character like this? A sex trafficker, who adopts this attitude of “higher morale”?

JCL: Well, the delusional quality of someone who thinks the best way to clean up their little slice of Montana is to sell women in Canada, that’s mistaken. He’s a loser, and it’s based on a moral certainty that is certainly not earned by anyone, especially not earned by that particular person. We live in a world where we see people we can’t talk to – it feels like you’re in a cult or me. And I think that’s what he’s talking about, a weird, unsettling “truth” that’s really heinous and creates the circumstances in which this kind of anarchy; he has the right to do so. He feels entitled to subjugate women and achieve this level of subjugation of anyone seems crazy to me.

I don’t want to equate this too much with that, but in some ways the delusion of the people who walked the Capitol, it was an illusion that caused this and continues to do so. And I’m only sympathetic to them in this way: how did you get here? How did you get to a place where you think you’re the Patriot when you kill a cop in the United States Capitol? That you actually think you are the one with a fairer and higher ground? How did you get there? I would say that Rick believes, at least until 109, in the scene where he says, ‘It’s all got out of hand,’ I think there’s some recognition in his subconscious that he’s wrong. I’m sympathetic to deceived people, I sympathize with fools, this shouldn’t exonerate them, it shouldn’t change their responsibilities, nor does it change every time I’ve been cheated and done terrible things . Righteousness doesn’t communicate very well, so we have to find a way to understand these people in a political sense. We have to understand them, I’m not saying we have to agree with them. We must fight tooth and nail for a democracy that works for all of us. But we have to understand how they thought about it. As an actor, I have to know how he brought it about. This speech he gives to the character of Patrick; this speech is true for him – “Blue Lives Matter and you yourself would say it if it was a black complaining” – it is the truth that cops feel.

Will we see Rick in flashbacks?

JCL: I’m serving to the pleasure of the American Broadcasting Company I’m sure we can make my schedule work, but I don’t see a universe where Cassie would say, “I wonder what Rick would think of this? [Laughs]

‘American Horror Story’

What about American Horror Story or its spinoff series – are you planning a comeback or Twisty?

JCL: I would love to work with Ryan Murphy in any capacity. I think he’s one of the interesting artists working across the board today and the cast is enviable to play opposite. I was lucky enough to play David Dellinger (in Aaron Sorkin’s The Chicago Trial 7), one of the most morally clear people I have ever played and someone who made such heroic attempts at change in the same calendar year as I play one of the worst people I have ever played played. It’s been a great year playing these two really interesting men. I don’t mind walking on the dark side at all, it must be done. I have some understanding of how to do this. I would like to do a comedy, I would like to laugh a little. I was lucky not to be stuck in just one situation and I pray that Rick Legarski doesn’t do this to me either.

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