John Oliver opens up about Ted Cruz’s vacation in Cancun after deadly Texas winter storm – Deadline

It’s another nasty week of news and probably one of the most devastating news has been the winter strom that hit the country – especially Texas. During the first part of Last week tonightJohn Oliver exposed the “full-fledged humanitarian crisis” unfolding in Texas as the state faced no electricity, lack of clean water and dozens of deaths.

True to form, Fox News blamed the power outages during the Texas storm on green energy, especially frozen wind turbines. Tucker Carlson was adamant about it, saying green power means a less reliable power grid. He punctuated this with “this is science!”

Oliver responded to Carlson’s thoughts by pointing out that his advertisers basically include “a man in a pillow sex relationship.” He also trailed Carlson, saying, “Just because you insist so hard that something ‘is science’!” that doesn’t make it science… it’s science ”

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He continued, “Finally, to call windmills silly fashion accessories is just plain absurd. The only time you could make that statement was when The single person Contestant Deandra disguised as a windmill for her night out an entry in a clear allusion to Peter and Hannah’s fantastic sequel f * ckfest and even then it’s not silly. That’s exciting.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott further fueled Carlson’s Green Deal assessment and told Sean Hannity: “This shows how the Green Deal would be a deadly deal.

“He knows it’s horsesh * t,” Oliver said. The host explained the facts by saying that Texas only depends on wind power for about 25% of its total electricity. The vast majority of Texas’ energy comes from thermal heat sources and these were hit by the storm. Even if the Texas wind turbines stopped running, the state would be, as Oliver put it, “in deep shit.”

Texas is not on the federal electricity grid. The majority of the state is on its own grid which was part of the cause of the calamity. Texas rulers designed it that way to avoid federal regulation.

Olive said independence meant that Texas was limited in its ability to import power from neighboring states and that it also meant that there was significant pressure on Ercot, the company that manages the grid. State.

During the storm, Ercot struggled to meet the growing demand. They have since admitted that Texas was “seconds and minutes away” from catastrophic multi-month blackouts.

“Ercot was not the only one not prepared for the storm,” Oliver explained. “It manages the grid, but not the power companies that supply it.” Ercot could not force companies to winterize their facilities in order to prepare for the storm. The state left that to the power companies – and many of those companies opted against the upgrades because they were too expensive.

This is not the first time that Texas has been hit by a winter storm. While not as strong, there was a 10-year storm that caused major blackouts. As a result, federal regulators have warned that power plants must overwinter to prevent this from happening again. Ten years ago, Oliver interrupted state officials by saying what would happen if they didn’t take action. Obviously, they did not act.

“A lot of the issues this week stem from the state of Texas’ beggar-thy-neighbor philosophy and that attitude has defined the response of their elected officials,” said Oliver.

Tim Boyd, Mayor of Colorado City, Texas, posted on Facebook: “No one owes you anything to your family, nor is it the responsibility of the local government to support you during difficult times like this. ! ” The reaction was so severe that he quit.

Then there is “the Ted F * cking Cruz saga” as Oliver said. As has been reported a lot, Cruz went to Cancun with his family. When photos of him surfaced on social media, he returned to Texas the next day saying it was his original plan to go to Cancun and drop off his family and then come back.

Things got worse for Cruz because he admitted that it was not the plan. He basically threw his kids under the bus saying they wanted to go to Cancun and he was “just trying to be a good dad.”

On top of all this, a string of text between Heidi Cruz and her neighbors has been leaked suggesting that they all go on vacation to Cancun.

Then there is former Governor and former US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry who said Texas would live without electricity to prevent federal regulators from going about their business. Of course, Oliver didn’t mince words in his response.

“Oh f * ck off Rick Perry,” Oliver shaded. “Far be it from me to question the wisdom of a man who failed twice for the presidency and who came in 12th on Dancing with the stars. “

He continued, “This mess only happened because officials failed to implement the critical lessons of 10 years ago and while I would like to think they will learn lessons from this week, remember who you are dealing with here. From there, photos of Cruz and Abbott flashed on the screen.

Oliver urged viewers to help the citizens of Texas via and said, “They deserve better than a pat on the back for their courage and independence as they shiver with death and representatives fleeing to Mexico at the first sign of danger.”

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