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An old Russian expert by the name of Leo Tolstoy once confessed: “I don’t look, but not looking is worse.

No, he wasn’t talking about the Kardashian clan. But it just as well could have been, as all of the pain and bustle of entertainment’s first family ended tonight with one last look at many of the drama’s key moments with a capital K that defined the series. reality show over 20 seasons and 14 years. None of this will change the world, but it was something we had to see, as anyone passing a car accident knows.

E! Follow the The Kardashians Wasn’t the first reality TV series, but it was certainly among the most culturally influential, as it has followed the boom in social media and reality TV perfectly since its debut in October 2007.

E! Sets dates for ‘Listening to the Kardashians’ two-part reunion hosted by Andy Cohen – Update

Although he was never a critical favorite and hated by many for his emptiness and materialism, he won consistent ratings for most of his tenure, spawning numerous spinoffs and specials. There was always something to see, a new relationship to explore, drama to work out, and the show told it all religiously.

For her fans, her zeitgeist created equal measures of passion, envy, and empathy, and they faithfully followed her twists and turns, making tonight’s final segment definitely feel like the end of an era.


It is of course impossible to sum up such a long series in one show. In fact, given that the characters are always going to be alive and important, this latest show hardly needed to be final.

The door has even been left ajar for future specials, as the closing funeral of a time capsule containing exit interviews promises an audience boon in a decade.

The final show addressed Kim’s feelings towards her soon-to-be divorced husband Kanye West, Khloe’s move to Boston to be with her rebel hunk, Tristan Thompson, and Kourtney’s pushmi-pullyu relationship with ex Scott Disick. .

It was all punctuated with frequent hugs and celebrations within the clan, as they seemingly rejoiced at their release from being constantly filmed for over a decade.

It also featured a lot of psychological babbling, awe-inspiring Lake Tahoe backdrops for a family vacation, and little thinking about anything other than themselves. In other words, it followed the playbook that made the series a hit, and there were few moments that strayed from the family bubble of photoshoots, appearances, and relationship drama.

The show ended with a family portrait photo and a few simple “thanks” to the fans who have followed the Kardashians and have remained loyal throughout their roller coaster lives.

We’ll see them again on the two-part special hosted by Andy Cohen which airs June 17-20 on E! And without a doubt, we’ll see them again and again in various media, with a rumor that they might be doing something streaming.

After all, a world without Kardashian would, for some, be as dark as a Russian novel.

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