Ken Jennings, Jeopardy! Champ And Soon Host, apologize for the tweets – Deadline

Even the greatest of all time can sometimes be wrong. Danger! Legend Ken Jennings – who earlier this year won the game show tournament to determine the best champion of all time – posted a stream of tweeted apologies for the insensitive posts he has posted to the networks in the past. social.

Jennings’ tweeted apology comes as he prepares to start his run as the first Danger! host to follow longtime Jeopardy! master of ceremonies Alex Trebek, who passed away in November after 36 years.

Jennings hosting tasks at Danger! will start on January 11. The search for a permanent host continues.

The tweets that prompted the apology concerned Jennings’ comments in 2014, when he posted, “Nothing sadder than a sexy person in a wheelchair.

When someone retweeted this comment in 2018, Jennings responded on Twitter saying, “I never did a public flogging for this, but I have personally apologized to the angry / hurt people who contacted personally. It was such an inane joke it meant something very different in my head [and] I regret the simple capacitist reading of this one.

Jennings also made several tacky social media jokes about a Star wars fan, an 11-year-old Barron Trump, an elderly grieving grandmother.

Apology feed of the day:

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