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EXCLUSIVE: The story of how three young men from the Midwest – Ronald Reagan, Lew Wasserman and Sidney Korshak – became the most powerful man in the world, the most powerful ruler in Hollywood and the most powerful lawyer in the world. country – is explored new podcast documentary series.

Glitter and power comes from C13Originals and Shawn Levy, the author behind The castle at sunset: life, death, love, art and scandal at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

The show will explore the trio’s relationship and how they changed the entertainment industry and the country itself.

Beginning in the 1940s, he delves into how Wasserman created the modern talent agency, liberated actors from movie studios, and invented the made-for-TV movie, all while guiding Ronald Reagan from Warner’s B movie pool. Bros. as President. from the Screen Actors Guild, a career as a corporate spokesperson, the governorship of California and ultimately the White House.

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Even deeper in the shadows, Sidney Korshak – an attorney for unions, gangsters, and casinos – has encouraged Wasserman’s plans for decades. Together and separately, these three men have woven a story of ambition, calculation, corruption and metamorphosis.

The series launches this fall and is the latest original in the documentary division of Audacy-owned podcast studio Cadence13, which makes series such as Root of evil, relative unknown and Once upon a time … in the valley.

“The most remarkable part of Ronald Reagan’s political career,” said Shawn Levy, “is that it was largely encouraged by forces that had nothing to do with what we normally call ‘politics.’ As men like Lew Wasserman and Sidney Korshak did, power could seep into any place where there was a void and something to be gained by filling it, be it the movie industry, casinos. , the upper echelons of organized labor or even the White House. I am delighted to partner with C13Originals to tell this incredible story. “

“Lew Wasserman is still one of the most admired pioneers and bosses to ever come out of Hollywood, and his rise to power and helping to shape and influence a young Ronald Reagan is a compelling story that C13Originals is delighted to tell,” he said. added Chris Corcoran, Director of Content, Cadence13 and Executive Producer, C13Originals. “To have Shawn Levy guide us through this story with his incredible knowledge and access to this critical period in Hollywood’s evolutionary history is beyond excitement.”

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