Louis Theroux at the premiere of the BBC’s Joe Exotic special – Deadline

Louis Theroux introduced Joe Exotic before becoming the so-called world-famous Tiger King – and now the British documentary maker returns to Oklahoma to investigate how Joseph Maldonado-Passage became a media phenomenon after his Netflix series.

Produced by Theroux’s production team, Mindhouse Productions, Louis Theroux: The Cult of Joe Exotic (working title) will reflect on previously unseen footage from his 10-year documentary America’s most dangerous animals. Theroux also meets the team trying to get Exotic out of jail and her loved ones, some of whom have never spoken on camera before.

Theroux said, “It’s one of those quintessentially American stories, set in the heart of Oklahoma, with a cast of characters almost too colorful and larger than life to be believed. I spent eight or nine days filming at the park in 2011, on three separate visits. I had forgotten how much we had shot until I returned to the footage during the lockdown. It’s amazing how many there were. Since then the story has gotten weirder and bigger, and going back to it late last year, I discovered a real-life drama that led me in directions I wouldn’t have. never could wait for me.

The 90-minute film is directed by Jack Rampling, while the series producer is Emma Whitehead and the executive producer is Arron Fellows. It is distributed internationally by BBC Studios. Patrick Holland and Clare Sillery commissioned the film for the BBC.

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