More areas of England subject to level 4 restrictions – Deadline

After giving Britons the good news about the approval of a second coronavirus vaccine earlier today, the British government followed up on a somewhat darker announcement.

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed that an additional 20 million people in England would be placed under the highest level of coronavirus restrictions as of Thursday, meaning more than three quarters of the country are practically blocked.

London is already part of Level 4 and will now be joined by cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham, as the Midlands, North East England, parts of the North West and South West are among those that have increased.

The government has issued home maintenance orders for level 4 areas, while entertainment venues such as theaters and cinemas are to close. The government has previously said film and television production can continue even under the most severe restrictions.

It comes as a brutal second wave of Covid-19 is sweeping the country. Some 50,023 new cases were recorded across the UK on Wednesday, while there were 981 more deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

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