‘Morning Joe’ host Joe Scarborough drops F-bomb in riot segment – Deadline

Morning joe Executive producer Daniel Norwick released the powerful opening of the MSNBC show this morning, with startling footage from yesterday’s riot over Johnny Cash’s song Hurt.

On this morning’s show, host Joe Scarborough gave an impassioned speech on the level of policing during the riot.

“If these insurgents were black, they would have been shot in the face,” he said loudly. “And my god, if these insurgents were Muslims, they would have been shot from the top of buildings.

At one point, his frustration got the better of him and he dropped an F-bomb.

“So I want to know, from the Capitol Hill police, are they just white people or just supporters of Donald Trump?” Why are you yelling at people walking three blocks from Capitol Hill but then Trump supporters come in and you open the doors for them. You let them enter the people’s house.

A colleague can be heard panting as Scarborough drops the F-Bomb.

MSNBC and other cable networks are not subject to Federal Communications Commission policies on profanity, but the use of the word is still taboo on most networks.

Tensions remain high the day after supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building in Washington, interrupting the process of confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory. So far, four deaths have been reported as a result of the violence.

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