‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Demon Slayer’ continue to fight in second box office weekend – Deadline

SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Refresh for more analysis and top 10 charts What’s upsetting this weekend is the way these two films, Mortal combat and Demon slayer, which had very notable openings and again relaunched the domestic BO last weekend, fell precipitously this weekend respectively to -73% and -70%. Funimation / Aniplex calls Demon slayerweekend 2 to $ 6.4 million for # 1 with a cumulative total of $ 32.2Mand New Line’s Mortal combat is at n ° 2 with a weekend 2 of $ 6.2M and one $ 34M 10 days in total. No one expected this type of crash. What does this mean then that the United States has reopened nearly 70% of 40.7K screens and Los Angeles and San Francisco would go yellow, which could have theaters at 75% capacity? ? (It’s not as easy as it reads, more on that in a bit).

Glenn Close & Mila Kunis Drama ‘Four Good Days’, ‘The Virtuoso’, ‘Separation’ Hits Theaters – Specialty Preview

Basically what’s going on here is that there were two movies aimed at niche audiences that opened last weekend, which had limited appeal. Both outperformed last weekend due to pent-up demand as people looked to get out of the house after 13 months of largely shutting down. The target audience in the photo saw them last weekend, and therefore the drop.

We have always known Funimation / Aniplex’s Demon slayer as an anime feature would be loaded on the front, which is the soundtrack nature of these images. The distributor Dragon Ball Super: Broly in the second weekend after its MLK opening fell 69%. After opening for $ 22.3 million over 6 days, this film stopped its domestic gross at $ 30.7 million. Short trail there.

This weekend marks the anniversary of the 2019s Avengers: Endgame ($ 357.1 M) and 2018 Avengers: Infinity War ($ 257.7 million) respectively landed the first 1 and 2 openings of all time. In the absence of a new tent pole on the market, this is depleting the demand for cinema. Add to that the beautiful weather across the country and President Biden’s new order that vaccinated people can go out without a mask; people decided to do other outdoor activities rather than heading to the movies depending on the distribution sources.

As long as Mortal combat going, I believe any HBO Max simultaneous of it all is a leg killer for these box office movies. Why see the film a second time in the cinema when you can see it for free at home? It will be really interesting to see how the premier of Disney impacts Marvel. Black Widow big. Mortal combatdrop here at -73%, the steepest we’ve seen for a Warner Bros / HBO Max title during the pandemic since Wonder Woman 1984The weekend’s second -68% drop is not a case of a rising tide for all boats as AT&T boss John Stankey should say. And although Godzilla vs. Kong is out of the studio’s streaming service at the moment after 31 days of play, the legendary title, which boasts a domestic cume of $ 90.3 million, would have had a faster path to $ 100 million, if it wasn’t. hadn’t been on HBO Max.

As far as the exhibition is concerned, we are still not in a perfect state: Canada is only open at 18%, the No. 2 Regal channel is only open at 15%, and this new directive State of California Health Insists that moviegoers show proof of vaccination before theaters move. 75% next week is really punishing for exposure and impossible to enforce. California Governor Gavin Newsom certainly doesn’t enforce a similar policy at LAX, where crowds aren’t afraid to travel.

On the upside, AMC circuits are 99% open, Cinemark 93%, Marcus 82% and Harkins 97%. In some parts of the country, these chains are operating at 75% to 80% of their capacity where local ordinances allow. Chinese 6 in Hollywood is now open with the main Chinese Theater, which reopened in time for GvK.

Open road films

The Open Road horror film Separation posted $ 1.8M after a Saturday of $ 680,000 at 1,751 locations, up 1% from Friday’s $ 675,000. Sunday seems to cost $ 476,000. Open Road was targeting older horror fans, aged 35-44, with limited purchases on shows such as Fear the Walking Dead, WWE Smackdown, NBA Basketball on TNT. Open Road has also funded targeted social and digital ads, particularly on Fandango. The film’s producers hosted a Tik Tok influencers screening in Los Angeles last week with cast and director William Brent Bell.


We are building the top 10 charts from April 30 to May 2, Warners did not release daily BO numbers

1.) Demon slayer (Fun / Ani) 1,870 theaters (+281) / Fri $ 1.81 M / Sat $ 2.66 M / Sun $ 1.9 M / 3 days $ 6.4M (-70%) / Total: $ 32.2M / Week 2

2.) Mortal combat (New Line / WB), 3114 theaters (+41) / Fri, $ 1.85 M, 3 days $ 6.2 M (-73%)/ Total: $ 34 M /Week 2

3.) Godzilla vs. Kong (WB / Leg) 2573 rooms (-103), / 3 days: $ 2.74M (-36%) / Total: $ 90.3M/ Week 5

4.) Separation (OR) 1751 theaters, Fri $ 675K, Sat $ 680K, Sun $ 476K, 3 days $ 1.8M/ Week 1

5.) Raya and the last dragon (Say) 1810 cinemas (-9), Fri 350 K $ / Sat 605 K $ / Sun 380 K $ / 3 days: $ 1.33M (-22%), Total: $ 41.5M/ Week 9

6.) Nobody (Uni) 2056 theaters (-196) Fri 360 K $ / Sat 560 K $ / Sun 340 K $ / 3 days: $ 1.26M (-28%) / Total $ 23.3M/ Week 6

7.) The ungodly (Sony) 1538 theaters (-297) / Fri K $ / Sat K $ / Sun K $ /$ xM (-x%) / Total: $ xM/ Week 5

8.) Scott Pilgrom against the world (re) (Uni) 560 theaters, Fri $ 340K / Sat $ 230K / Sun $ 150K /$ 720K /Total: $ 32.4M/ Week 560

9.) Tom and Jerry (WB) 1209 theaters (-334), 3 days: $ 515K (-29%) / Total: $ 44.2M/ Week 10

ten.) Together together (BST) 659 theaters (-6), Fri $ 95K, Sat $ 132.7K, Sun $ 85K, 3 days: $ 313K (-41%) Total: $ 1.02M/ Week 2

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: While the numbers aren’t as big as their opening weekends, an interesting box office story continues at the weekend’s box office during the pandemic with New Line. Mortal combat and Funimation / Aniplex’s Demon slayer to a photo-finish of $ 6.1M each in their second weekend. Really, it’s too close to call # 1 right now.

Mortal combat had the slight advantage yesterday with $ 1.85M, -80% and a total of $ 29.7 million over 8 days on 3,114 sites (+41 compared to last weekend). The second weekend of the photo taken by Simon McQuoid will be 74%. Demon slayer did $ 1.81M on the way to a second weekend down -71% in 1,879 theaters (+281). The 10-day total of the manga adaptation by EOD tomorrow is $ 33.9 million.

Demon slayer finished its first week with $ 27.7 million while Mortal combat grossed $ 27.85 million in its first seven days. Having said that, I hear Demon slayer beat Mortal combat throughout the week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, despite the reboot of the Midway video game feature which won last weekend with $ 23.3 million of the $ 21.1 million of the Japanese IP.

While Demon slayer was on Imax, PLF and Dolby screens last Thursday before handing them over to Mortal combat last weekend, the movie Funimaton / Aniplex picked up those bookings for this weekend’s race.

Warner Bros / Legendary Godzilla vs. Kong is in third place with a $ 730,000 Friday, -38%, and a fifth weekend of $ 2.5M, -41% with $ 90.1 million by Sunday. The photo is reserved in 2573 rooms (-103).

Open road

In fourth place, the genre photo of Open Road Separation directed by William Brent Bell. The clocked film $ 675,000 Friday, in the direction of a $ 1.6M opening in 1,751 cinemas. Critics hated this horror movie 11% on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences weren’t high either, giving it 42% overall positive on Comscore / Screen Engine’s PostTrak and a very low recommendation of 27%. Pic attracted an almost equal audience of 51% male to 49% female, with the 18-34 demo accounting for 61% of ticket buyers. The diversity displays were 38% Caucasian, 28% African American, 25% Hispanic, and 9% Asian / Other. I’ve heard that the best markets in the movie are in the mid-east and south-central areas of the U.S. In other words, Los Angeles was the best DMA in photography, followed by New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix and Sacramento.

Written by Nick Amadeus and Josh Braun, Separation recounts the terrifying consequences of divorce: a young girl finds solace in her artist father and her deceased mother. The photo was filmed in New York; produced by Bell, Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, Russ Posternak, Jesse Korman and Clay Pecorin. The EPs are Seth Posternak, Russell Geyser, Jane Oster, James Masciello, Matt Sidari and Tom Ortenberg from Open Road.

Fifth place currently goes to Disney Raya and the last dragon who won $ 350,000 (-13%) on its 9th Friday for a weekend estimated at around $ 1.46M in 1,810 sites (-9), -16%, for a cumulative total of $ 41.7 million.

Universal’s R-rated Bob Odenkirk action movie Nobody ranks 6th with $ 360,000 Friday (-29%) of weekend 6 for 3 days of $ 1.24M, -29%, and a cumulative total of $ 23.3 million.

Universal / Everett

Uni also has Edgar Wright’s 10th anniversary reissue Scott Pilgrim vs the world which is a Dolby Cinema cut. They booked this 2010 film in 560 locations (155 Dolby Vision screens), which $ 340K yesterday for 3 days of $ 700,000 putting the photo’s domestic lifetime cume at $ 32.3 million by the end of Sunday. The reissue, from what I hear, was very successful in Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, and New York. The film originally had an A- CinemaScore, and an 82% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, however, with a production cost of $ 60 million on the eve of the Global P&A, and a nationwide opening of 10.6. million, and a national final of $ 31.5 million. and $ 47.7 million WW, the all-star film that boasted a cast of Michael Cera, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Schwartzman, Mae Whitman and Brandon Routh, was considered a big failure theatrically.

Far outside the top 10 is Focus Features’ limited release of Ben Sharrock Limbo in 208 theaters in 76 markets that grossed $ 31,000 on Friday, going to a $ 100,000 3 days for one per screen of $ 481. The 93% certified film follows Omar, a promising young musician. Separated from his Syrian family, he is stranded on a remote Scottish island awaiting the fate of his asylum claim. The title has a theatrical window of 21 days.

Searchlight still fails to bring back soundtrack numbers for Best Picture Oscar winner Nomadland, but we hear that the movie directed by Chloe Zhao is in 800 theaters and has done around $ 90,000 yesterday for a 300,000 USD weekend bringing his total cumulative soundtrack to around $ 3 million.

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