Netflix is ​​getting into video games? Streamer Teases More Moves In Billion Dollar Business – Deadline

Is Netflix Making An Aggressive Move In The Video Game Industry? There has certainly been talk of the company’s latest earnings call to save all the smoke rising in Hollywood.

When asked directly by Moderator Nidhi Gupta of Fidelity Management & Research, Founder and Co-CEO Reed Hastings said that “in a way we’re kind of playing with Bandersnatch now and we have some very interactive stuff. basic. ”.

But it was Greg Peters, COO and Chief Product Officer, who added more smoke to the fire when he spoke, with a smile, about the billion dollar video game company.

“We’re creating these amazing, deep universes and these fascinating characters and people come to love these universes and want to dive deeper and get to know the characters better. We’re trying to figure out all the different ways we can increase those connection points and deepen that fandom and certainly the games are a really interesting part of it. Whether it’s playing some of the linear storytelling that we’re doing as interactive with Bandersnatch and we’ll continue and we’ve actually released games themselves as part of our licensing and merchandising efforts and we’re happy with it. from what we have seen. There is no doubt that games are going to be an important form of entertainment and an important modality for deepening the fan experience, so we will continue, ”he said.

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CFO Spencer Neumann added that the company had “played” in the games. “We are a company that continues to learn and so far the learning has been good so we are happy with the way it is playing out and we hope that we will continue to learn,” he said. .

Netflix has dabbled in video games with the launch of games around shows like Stranger Things, so it’s entirely possible that this will add to that in the future rather than going all out to try and compete with it. Microsoft and Sony on the Xbox or Playstation.

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But Hastings suggested the company doesn’t expect to have a big ‘second act’ like Amazon did by turning to web services and physical purchases, but expects to go more into it. licensing and merchandising. “We want to develop,” he said. “We have a lot to do in terms of different types of entertainment.”

“I don’t think there will be a second act, along the lines of AWS and Amazon Shopping, I bet we’ll end up with a hopefully gigantic, very defensible profit pool and then keep improving. the service for our members, expanding in the category. I wouldn’t be looking for a big secondary profit pool. “

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