Newsom brings only 1/3 of vaccine doses of 1.3 million CA administered – Deadline

“We’re going to start to see more rapid vaccine delivery, I can assure you,” California Governor Gavin Newsom promised Monday. “Having said that, it’s gone too slow, I know, for a lot of us. We all want, I think, to see 100% of what is received immediately delivered to people’s arms.

It was not the case.

Newsom revealed on Monday that the state had received nearly 1.3 million doses of the vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna, and an additional 611,500 doses had been shipped to the state. As of Sunday, however, only 454,306 doses had actually been administered.

State had projected that he would administer 2 to 2.5 million doses of the vaccine to Californians by this week.

California Covid-19 update: Governor Gavin Newsom warns of new wave to come

“We are working aggressively to pick up our pace,” Newsom said. This effort will include expanding the number of distribution sites and the types of people who can kick the blows, including dentists, pharmacy technicians and members of the National Guard.

“So it’s a challenge, a challenge across this country. It’s a challenge around the world, but it’s no excuse.

The governor sought to explain that California was not responsible for the actual distribution or administration of the vaccines.

“I think there’s this notion that vaccines are coming into a state facility,” Newsom said, before asking state health and social services director Dr Mark Ghaly to give details.

“Pfizer and Moderna deliver these doses directly to hospitals and clinics,” Ghaly said. “It is not really built on state infrastructure, but on [preexisting] health care delivery structure. ”

In Los Angeles County, health officials said the county received 198,995 doses of the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday, of which only 96,390 were actually administered. The county received 81,571 doses of Moderna vaccine, of which only 22,221 were administered. The county expects to receive an additional 82,745 doses of Pfizer this week and 50,700 doses of Moderna.

Newsom said he was aware of “anecdotal evidence” that some frontline health workers – the top priority for vaccination – were refusing to be vaccinated, but he did not have specific numbers. He said the state was conducting an investigation to get a better idea of ​​the situation.

The governor also promised that more details on the vaccine distribution phases would come on Wednesday.

“We have work to do on this,” he says. “Obviously, as we go into January, we want to see things speed up and we want to see things go a lot faster.”

The urgency of the effort was underscored when the governor revealed that state officials expected “an outbreak in addition to a surge” of infections “associated with the holidays.” This increase is believed to be beyond the high levels of cases, hospitalizations and deaths currently seen since Thanksgiving. Newsom predicted that the increase would be “coming in the next few days and weeks.”

Meanwhile, Newsom said there are now six confirmed cases in the state of a new B.1.1.7 variant of Covid-19 which was first detected in the UK. The new strain of the virus is not considered more dangerous, but it is much more contagious and spreads faster.

The virility of this strain led British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday to announce a nationwide lockdown in a bid to control its spread. Johnson said his advisers informed him the new strain was 50 to 70% more transmissible than the original virus. Prime Minister of Scotland also ad that his country would enter a month-long lockdown.

Of the six cases found in California, four were detected in San Diego County – which confirmed the diagnoses last week – and two more were identified in San Bernardino County. Newsom noted that more cases will almost certainly be detected.

He added that federal health officials believe current COVID-19 vaccines will also protect against the new strain of the virus.

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