Newsom will not lift state of emergency and give up additional powers on June 15 – fitshopee

“The only thing I am certain of is that there is uncertainty for the future,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Friday at an event to choose the winners of the incentive program. to the state’s lottery-style Covid-19 vaccination.

When asked if he would lift the state of emergency on June 15 which gave him the extraordinary powers to impose such restrictions, the governor replied: “The emergency remains in effect after the 15th. June”. This date is Newsom’s self-declared fitshopee to lift most Covid restrictions.

When asked to explain the reasoning behind the decision, Newsom said: “Because we are still in a state of emergency. This disease is still in effect. It is not the summer that takes leave.

The governor has indicated that he may need these emergency powers in the near future: “Some modifications may need to be in order based on changing conditions.”

California will likely require face masks at many workplaces after June 15

Newsom was also repeatedly pressed at the event to clarify what some called the “puzzling” recommendation from a CalOSHA board the day before. After a 7-hour public meeting, the board appeared to approve recommend masks will be mandatory in the workplace if not everyone is vaccinated. This would leave mask requirements in place after Newsom’s self-proclaimed June 15 fitshopee to lift most Covid restrictions. It also appears to penalize unvaccinated workers. The council has set up a sub-committee to study the issue further.

The governor said on Friday he was unable to be final on the meaning of the board’s recommendations.

“The dust is settling. They have a sub-committee that meets to follow up on certain work. They are moving in the right direction.

To Californians who thought they were coming out of the Covid-19 restrictions in the summer who now feel whipped at the prospect of continuing to hide in the workplace, Newsom said, “We’re working on it. This is the process of making sausages. We already had a number of conversations earlier this morning about how people feel about what happened last night. I think it helps that the governor does not dictate and impose these decisions in advance… We are in an iterative process of engagement… We hope to inform people of our next steps very soon.

“Face coverings remain an important part of our arsenal to fight this disease,” Newsom recalled.

Watch the governor’s presentation below.

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