Does alkaline water really work? We review the claims.

[ad_1] “Change your water, change your life” This is the claim made of Kangen Water, a product (sold via independent distributors) which changes the pH of water. They recommend drinking water that is more alkaline for better health. But does alkaline water really work? In this article I’ll explain what alkaline water is, and how […]

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Bad trainer or good trainer? We show you the difference

[ad_1] There are gyms on every street corner these days, and personal trainers in every gym. But would you know a good trainer from a bad one? Many trainers are trying to be different from their competition and stand out from the crowd. And there are trainers with different levels of education, experience, and knowledge. […]

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How to read research – you’re probably doing it wrong

[ad_1] It’s hard to read research. The language is tough, lots of specialist knowledge is required, and the statistics are baffling. But sometimes research makes it into the public sphere, maybe because it’s controversial. When this happens, you may debate it with others. You may share or comment online. You may provide your opinions, even […]

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Weights training for weight loss… is it a misconception?

[ad_1] How do personal trainers prescribe exercise for weight loss? You would think this is the simplest question for a personal trainer to answer. Is it effective to do weights training for weight loss? But we’ve mentioned this before. Put 100 personal trainers in a room, and ask them to agree about a fundamental principle […]

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CrossFit and injury. The unbiased truth

[ad_1] Today we talk about CrossFit and injury. CrossFit is one of the most popular, and divisive, exercise modes of recent years. No one seems to have a moderate opinion – it seems to inflame passion both for and against it. The controversial nature of the CrossFit creator Greg Glassman, muddies these waters further. Glassman […]

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We shouldn’t expect detailed nutrition advice from personal trainers

[ad_1] Many of us will see a trainer for help with our exercise. And we often ask for nutrition advice from our personal trainers too. Because let’s face it, most of us do not eat as well as we should. We all know it. In fact, chances are you are not meeting dietary guidelines for […]

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Danette May’s Cacao Bliss Review

[ad_1] Do you like chocolate? If so, you’re not alone. Chocolate sales generate a whopping $83 billion in sales every single year. The United States accounts for about 20% of the world’s chocolate consumption, with about two-thirds of all chocolate being eaten between meals. The average American eats about one pound of chocolate per month, […]

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My Shaklee Cleanse Review – 7 Days Of Cleansing…yikes

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been overweight. In elementary school, I remember comparing myself to other girls. Why didn’t they have a gut? Where was the fat on their calves? Why didn’t their upper arms jiggle when they raised their hands in class? In middle school, it was no different. As everyone was becoming […]

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Herbalife vs Advocare Protein Shake

[ad_1] Herbalife vs Advocare. These two meal replacement brands are very popular in the fitness industry and provide many people with a way of making some money. The issue with this is that most of the people who sell these two brands aren’t fitness or nutrition experts. While there is nothing wrong with trying to […]

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Coastline Kratom Review – Is Coastline Kratom Worth Buying?

[ad_1] The ever-expanding kratom industry means you have to differentiate between trustworthy and untrustworthy kratom vendors. Buying kratom from reputable firms is crucial in avoiding any stain with reduced quality and quantity. If you are looking to buy kratom, then consider the Coastline Kratom vendor. Coastline Kratom are one of the largest kratom vendors in […]

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