Paladins Codes 2021 – [September Updated] Redeem Codes, Promo Codes, Skins

Paladins is a free online hero shooter video game. It is an excellent mix of fast actions, strategies, tactics and so much fun to play. If you are looking for Paladins codes to get free skins, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will not only help you get free Paladins codes 2021, but also how to redeem them and use them as promo codes.

Paladins: Champions of Realm - About the Game

Paladins is a shooter game set in a science fiction fantasy world. It has great graphics and visuals that make it attractive and addictive. There are different modes in which you can play.


Paladins is one of the best rated PC shooters developed by Evil Mojo. A mobile version of the game called Paladins Strike is also available. Millions of people play Paladins because of its amazing features and addictive gameplay and graphics.

Another attractive feature of this game is that you can customize your characters, their appearance and the weapons they use. But it would be best if you had codes for this customization. You can also get Paladins promo codes.

What are Paladins promo codes?

The developers offer Paladins promo codes as a reward for people who play this game. You can use these codes to improve your experience while playing the game. Whether you play Paladins on Xbox, Playstation or PC, the codes are the same for all platforms.


The codes are officially available on the Paladins: Champions of Realm social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Steam. You can also get these codes by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Why Paladins codes are important?

With these codes, you can get radiant chest scrolls and various skins. A radiant chest gives you four cards that can be used to enhance the abilities of champions (the player) and give her more power.

The radiant chest also contains cosmetic items with common and uncommon cosmetics, sprays, MVP poses and emotes. These can be used to beautify your character.



This radiant chest will cost you 2500 gold coins, which you earn during the game or pay money to get the coins. But the Paladin codes will help you get it for free. The codes also provide free Infernal Seris, mounts and skins that would have otherwise cost you lots of gold coins.

Latest Paladins redemption codes of 2021 [Updated list].

Here are a few codes you can use that will never expire. These codes will help you unlock many features for free.

  • APXRCRCBD47071212 : Enter this code to unlock a Radiant Chest Roll.
  • APXSFCAEB58D71212 : To get an Infernal Seris, you need to enter this code.
  • AZDRCXYYF67872018 : This code will get you a unique skin.
  • WAXHZZDFF54672017 : This is another code that will give you a unique skin.
  • AZDRCRCFS42272018 : This code also unlocks a unique skin for you.
  • PBEB16F4B4EB60909 : This will show you a unique skin
  • PBEB039513B260909 : This code will also unlock a unique skin for you.
  • PCSY18FE15DEE60711 : Use it to unlock unique skins
  • PBEB3DF4B4EB60909 : Unlocks a unique skin
  • PCBC1E975BA7360719 : Shows you a unique skin

These are the five available Paladins codes that you can use to unlock various items for free.

How to redeem Paladins codes in 2021?

Now you have the Paladins codes. You should know that you need to redeem these codes to get rewards. There are two methods you can follow to redeem Paladins codes. Read the instructions provided below.

Redeem Paladins codes on the Paladins website.

Step 1: Visit the official Paladins website and navigate to the store section. You can also visit the Paladins store page directly.

Step 2: Log in with your credentials and go to the Account tab.

Step 3: You will find a Redeem Code option. Click on it to

Step 4: Now enter the code you have in the pop-up and click Submit.


This will redeem your rewards that you can use during the game.

Paladins redeem codes and rewards in-game

Step 1: Start the Paladins game. You can start this game on Playstation, Xbox or PC.

Paladin game 1

Step 2: Go to the store option that is available in the game.

Step 3: Now navigate until you get to the last page called Store Account.

Step 4: Click on Redeem Code.

Step 5: Enter the code into the box and click submit.

Now the rewards will be redeemed based on the code you entered. However, you can redeem these codes only once with an account.

How do I get Paladin codes on a regular basis?

You need to follow Paladin's official pages on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel. They also have an official news page that you can check out.


The developers will announce the giveaways and reward codes on these platforms regularly. After you get the codes here, you can use them to redeem special rewards.


This is everything you need to know about Paladins codes. If you are a hardcore gamer and Paladins fan, these codes will help you a lot. You should also check out the famous Paladins gaming streams. You might have a chance to win many giveaways.

I hope you found the Paladins codes you were looking for. Now you know the codes and methods to redeem them. What are you waiting for? Play the game, unlock special features and have fun.

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