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Acute this season closed the story of Annie Easton celebrating her imperfect path to self-acceptance and teasing new avenues for the ambitious journalist and those close to her. The series finale of the original Hulu comedy is the subject of Deadline’s latest It Starts on the Page, which highlights the rewards season scripts.

Created by showrunners Aidy Bryant, Lindy West and Ali Rushfield, Acute the series is inspired by that of West Shrill: Notes of a Loud Woman. Over its three seasons, the show has focused on Aidy’s Annie as she navigates romance, career, and self-esteem.

In the final chapter, things seem to get better for Annie and her best friend Fran (Lolly Adefope). The two friends, who have been together since their college studies, settle down better in their relationship and find more stability and courage in their professional life. However, when Annie pushes her limits with her boyfriend Will and Fran doesn’t risk moving in with her partner Em, the two find solace in each other.

It all starts on the page: read the final script for season 3 of “Search Party” by co-creators Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers

The cast of Acute Also included were John Cameron Mitchell, Ian Owens, Patti Harrison, Luka Jones, ER Fightmaster, Jo Firestone, Anthony Oberbeck and Cameron Britton.

Bryant, West and Rushfield spoke to Deadline about the final chapter of Acute and how an open end authentically spoke of the larger themes of the series.

“There was more to explore but I think in a cool way, thanks to the editing, we really ended up in a place where it’s still the same thesis but with a greater purpose,” said Bryant. “These are two characters that you’ve really seen evolve from the pilot to where we land, and they still have some work to do. It is not over and it is the reality of anyone with a body or self-confidence problem.

Bryant continued, “It’s not something you win in the end. It’s always something that will change day to day and feel different as things arise.

The series is produced by Rushfield, Bryant, West, Rob Klein, Banks, Max Handelman, Lorne Michaels and Andrew Singer. Rushfield is also the showrunner. Acute is produced by Warner Bros Television, Broadway Video and Brownstone Productions. Warner Bros Television serves as an international distributor.

Read it Acute series finale script, written by Bryant, Rushfield and West, below.

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