Sacha Baron Cohen Avoids Arrest and How Editors Changed the Course of the Sequel – Deadline

Two mo’s for Sacha Baron Cohen when he shoots his satirical and political films of a man in the street: don’t get arrested and don’t blow your cover.

Its sublime shine: it is always ready, even if it means calling on a lawyer for the shooting.

In a very special Crew Call podcast, the Oscar nominee Borat scribe-actor-producer tells us about his brushes with the law on Bruno, as well as with the secret services during the right-wing conference of the CPAC during the filming of Next movie Borat. This is the moment when Baron Cohen bursts into the arena disguised as Donald Trump.

“I knew I was going to be surrounded by the secret service. I knew this could be seen as a threat to the vice president. I was escorted by nearly 15 Secret Services, Capitol Police and Events Security. My goal was not to give my identity card because if we found out that I was making a film, the film would be a hundred times more difficult to shoot, ”explains Baron Cohen.

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To further appreciate what happened in the production of the acquisition feature Universal now Amazon, which was firmly determined to release before Election Day, Baron Cohen and his Borat Editors Craig Alpert and James Thomas, who are joining us today, along with Michael Giambra, sifted through 170 hours of footage to not only cut the movie down to 90 minutes, but to find those rough diamonds as well.

And you could say that the team discovered the Hope Diamond; a sequence that would completely redefine the rest of the comedy. This happened as production was halted during the pandemic, and the editorial team continued to work.

Explains Baron Cohen: “To emphasize the role of editors, they find a moment and that moment transforms the whole film. CPAC was the highlight of Act 3: I Save Tutar from Giuliani. She stumbles while I’m being chased and Mike Pence talks and that’s the end of the movie. We have been closed because of Covid. Myself and my producer Monica Levinson decide to continue editing. “

“James (Thomas) said, ‘You gotta see this! “Baron Cohen continues of a sound clip where Pence first refers to the onset of the pandemic, and the promise that it will be quickly resolved,” This moment these editors found transformed the film , he transformed the plot of the film. “

The Ali G the artist explains: “Go back to March and people were treating Covid like it was a tropical storm…[We] had this revelation. This is a film that we release before the election and that we make to show our protest against Trump and Trumpism and the conspiracies that the government was propagating. We see the Vice President spreading this calamitous lie that we are ready for Covid. We knew the numbers would run into the hundreds of thousands in America. It was a way of showing the incompetence of the Trump administration. It was an emotional father-daughter film, which asked questions about patriarchy, but basically it was a catalog of wrongdoing by Trump and Trumpism in 90 minutes. It was realized that his most serious and catastrophic wrongdoing was the willful incompetence of Covid which led to the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and here he is, the Vice President, on the day. where he was in charge of the Covid. task force saying, “Everything is fine guys! We have it under control! This moment that these editors have found transforms the whole film and transforms the whole production. “

Next Borat movie is nominated for three Golden Globes, including Best Comedy / Musical Feature Film, Baron Cohen for Best Comedy / Musical Actor and Maria Bakalova for Best Comedy Actress / Musical. Bakalova is also in the running for a SAG in the Supporting Actress category. The song in the photo “Wuhan Flu” is also on the Oscar list for top potential songs.

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