Scout Seeks To Bring ‘Queer Eye’ And ‘Legendary’ Flavor To New Worlds – Deadline

Scout Productions, the company behind Netflix Queer eye and HBO Max’s Legendary, seeks to bring the “secret sauce” of these two unscripted shows to new worlds that have yet to have their moment on television.

Co-founder David Collins and President Eric Korsh told Deadline that during the pandemic, they doubled their investments in developing new projects that can tell authentic and diverse stories in the unscripted space.

Korsh said he seeks to work with ‘amazing’ voices or ‘people you don’t expect to see on TV’ and that portraying through his shows is the ‘heart of everything we do’ .

The fundamental business reality franchise Queer eye, which is based on the original Bravo series they produced in 2003, launched on Netflix in 2018 and is currently in production for its sixth season.

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Collins said: “We are delighted to be diving back into the Queer eye world to tell these stories, we don’t take that for granted. We hope to do this forever and ever. He also informed much of his development schedule. “The Queer eye format, the idea that people are helping others, we have a lot of things in development that are at the heart of Queer eye. He added that the idea of ​​transformation told with comedy and heart as well as the evolution of the human mind cross his slate.


Korsh added that the reboot took advantage of the times and opened the door for Scout to tell these stories, but “these stories were about to be told regardless.” “We didn’t want to switch to the moment the world was moving into, we were already doing it. That’s why I think we were successful, we were there already and eventually things caught up.

The pandemic meant that with the filming largely closed, they were able to return to the whiteboard. “We took this time to double our investment budget in idea creation, intellectual property, partnerships, we really spent that time virtually in the whiteboard room,” he said.

“It’s been the most exciting thing of the past year – to curl up and cut downtime on Covid production and focus on our pipeline and the creative projects that we’re passionate about,” Collins added.

The Scout finished the last twelve months with Legendary, his HBO Ballroom and Voguing competition series launched last year. The show’s finale, which stars judges Leiomy Maldonado, Law Roach, Megan Thee Stallion and Jameela Jamil and MC Dashaun Wesley, was filmed on March 12, 2020 without an audience – unlike the other episodes, which featured a noisy group of about 350 people. The second season, which returns on May 6, ended last month and similarly must have been produced without a crowd.

“Legendary celebrates the ballroom community, which has been around for so long and it’s an amazing world, so we want to give them not just a platform but a stage to highlight and celebrate,” Collins said. “But it was definitely a lot harder to do season two.”

The company also recently completed production on The quest for Disney +. The show, which was filmed in Europe and is based on its own show that aired on ABC in 2014, is a fantastic competitive series. It takes place in the fantasy world of Everealm and contestants will meet mystical beings and magical encounters and be embedded in an immersive 360-degree world with seamless technology, creature design, practical effects, and scripted characters that interact. dynamically with them they take up a number of challenges on the theme of fantasy.

The couple said the format was a bit ahead of its time when it launched, but now they have a lot more room to develop the world of Disney +.

He also recently sold streetwear contests The hype at HBO Max. The series will see 10 streetwear professionals compete against each other in a series of challenges that span the intricacies of design, the fashion industry, and the know-how to identify the latest trends.

Offset, a member of hip hop group Migos, will produce and be one of the co-signers – aka judges – alongside Beth Birkett, artistic director and founder of Bephies Beauty Supply, and Marni Senofonte, a costume designer who has worked with people like de Beyoncé and Lauryn Hill. Complex Media’s Speedy Morman will host the eight-part series. Rikki Hughes, who became the first black woman to receive an Emmy for Outstanding Variety for Netflix Dave Chappelle: equanimity and the revelation of the bird comedy specials, is showrunner.

The couple said it was important to find authentic stories from those who know these communities. “The bar has been raised, thanks to Legendary, so we need to be even more focused on how we tell the story of streetwear in an even more authentic way,” Collins added.

Elsewhere, the company also recently launched a documentary division, producing Equal, which chronicles the struggle for the LGBT right, for HBO Max, and develops a doc series based on the Hillsong Church scandal in partnership with Vanity Fair Studios.

They are optimistic for the next twelve months. “What’s great about this company is that the process and projects take a long time, so our focus extends to mid-2022,” Korsh added.

“There’s a reality boom coming,” Collins added. “We’re really excited to be riding the wave of cool and creative worlds to share what we haven’t seen.

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