Senate report on Capitol riot bypasses Trump – Deadline

A new Senate report concludes that the intelligence community failed to “properly analyze, assess and disseminate information” to law enforcement about the potential for violence on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

But the report also largely overlooks the role of then-President Donald Trump, who was impeached for the second time on the grounds that he incited a riot. After leaving office, he was acquitted in the Senate.

The report, by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, details how well intelligence officials knew plans were underway to violate Capitol Hill. The Capitol Police Interagency Intelligence and Coordination Division “had information about the potential for violence on Capitol Hill on January 6, including a plot to breach the Capitol, online sharing of maps of the Capitol’s tunnel systems. Capitol Complex and other specific threats of violence, ”the report concludes.

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The Senate report cited numerous instances where authorities gathered information in the weeks leading up to the Capitol siege. On December 21, the Capitol Police Intelligence Division released a report highlighting the blog thedonald.win, “which referred to the tunnels on the Capitol grounds used by members of Congress.” He also noted that “several comments encourage the confrontation of members of Congress and the carrying of guns during the protest.”

But the division “failed to fully incorporate this information into all of its internal assessments for January 6 and the joint session. As a result, critical information regarding threats of violence was not shared with USCP’s own agents and other law enforcement partners. “

The report also showed that Capitol Police failed to provide frontline officers with effective protective gear and a lack of emergency authority delayed National Guard requests for help.

“Members of the Capitol Police Council who were in charge on January 6 did not appear to be fully aware of the legal and regulatory requirements for requesting National Guard support, which contributed to the delay in the deployment of the National Guard to the Capitol. “said the report concluded.

The report includes Trump’s speech at the Save America rally that preceded the Capitol siege, but it largely avoids delving into the full context of the former president’s role in instigating the attack. A proposal to establish a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan.6 uprising failed last month amid Republican opposition.

The full report is here.

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