Seven Bank Card Loan Features and Benefits

Welcome to our guide on the features and benefits of the Seven Bank Card Loan

As one of Seven Bank's premier financial products, this loan offers flexibility and competitive rates. 


This article will explore its key features, benefits, application process, and why it could be the ideal choice for your borrowing needs.

Overview of the Seven Bank Card Loan

The Seven Bank Card Loan is designed to provide financial assistance to individuals who need access to funds for various purposes. 

These purposes include home improvements, debt consolidation, or unexpected expenses.


Its target audience includes individuals seeking a convenient, affordable loan option with flexible repayment terms.

Seven Bank Card Loan Features and Benefits

Key Features of the Loan

The Seven Bank Card Loan offers a range of critical features that make it a versatile and attractive borrowing option for many consumers.

  • Loan Amount: The loan offers flexible borrowing limits to suit different financial needs.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Borrowers can benefit from competitive interest rates, helping to keep borrowing costs low.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: The loan offers various repayment options, including fixed monthly payments and flexible terms.
  • Quick Approval Process: Applicants can enjoy a swift and efficient approval process, getting access to funds when needed.
  • Additional Benefits: Depending on how the loan is used, borrowers may qualify for extra benefits, such as rewards or discounts.

Unique Aspects of the Loan 

The Seven Bank Card Loan stands out due to its unique features and benefits tailored to diverse borrower needs.

  • No Collateral Required: The loan is accessible to a broader range of borrowers as it does not require collateral.
  • Online Application and Management: Borrowers can easily apply for and manage their accounts on the Seven Bank website or app.
  • Cashback Rewards: The loan offers cashback rewards based on spending habits, providing an incentive for responsible borrowing.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Borrowers can choose from various payment methods, such as automatic deductions and online transfers.
  • Credit Building Opportunities: Timely repayments can improve credit scores, creating more financial opportunities.

Loan Repayment Terms

The Seven Bank Card Loan offers flexible repayment terms to suit borrowers' financial needs. Here are the key details:

  • Loan Duration: The loan provides a maximum repayment period, allowing borrowers to choose the best timeframe.
  • Monthly Payment Options: Borrowers can select from various monthly payment amounts, providing flexibility in managing their finances.
  • Early Repayment Options: There are no penalties for early repayment, allowing borrowers to pay off the loan ahead of schedule if desired.

Interest Rates 

The Seven Bank Card Loan offers competitive interest rates based on borrowing limits. Here's a breakdown:

  • 15.000% per annum for borrowing limits of 100,000 yen, 300,000 yen, and 500,000 yen
  • 14.000% per annum for borrowing limits of 700,000 yen and 1,000,000 yen
  • 13.000% per annum for borrowing limits of 1,500,000 yen and 2,000,000 yen
  • 12.000% per annum for borrowing limits of 2,500,000 yen and 3,000,000 yen

Online Application

Applying for a Seven Bank loan online is a straightforward process. Here are the main steps:

  1. Visit the Seven Bank website and find the loan application section.
  2. Complete the online application form with your details.
  3. Submit the form and any required documents.
  4. Wait for approval, usually within a few business days.
  5. Receive the loan amount in your designated account.

Using Your Seven Bank Cash Card for Loan Transactions

Using your Seven Bank cash card for loan transactions offers convenience and flexibility. 

Here's how you can make the most of this feature:

  • Convenience: Your Seven Bank cash card facilitates loan transactions, offering easy access at Seven Bank ATMs nationwide.
  • Account Application: When applying for the loan, open a Seven Bank account; it takes 1-2 weeks to process.
  • Loan Service Application Screening: Your loan service application undergoes screening, with acceptance depending on the result.
  • Account Opening: You can open a Seven Bank account to qualify for the loan service.

Utilizing Seven Bank ATMs Nationwide for Loan Transactions

Accessing loans through Seven Bank ATMs nationwide offers convenience and accessibility. Here's how:

  • Nationwide Availability: Seven Bank ATMs are installed nationwide, providing easy access to loan transactions 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • No Borrowing or Repayment Fee: Borrowing or repaying loans via Seven Bank ATMs or the Direct Banking Service incurs no fees.
  • Direct Banking Service: Through this service, you can borrow money and receive it in your ordinary deposit account.
  • ATM Use Fee: Withdrawing the borrowing amount from your ordinary deposit account via an ATM may require paying the prescribed fee.

Borrowing Limit

Understanding the borrowing limits for a Seven Bank loan is essential for managing your finances effectively. Here's what you need to know:

Maximum Limit

  • The maximum borrowing limit for a new loan application is 500,000 yen, while for an increase application, it can be 500,000 yen or 3,000,000 yen.

Limit Determination

  • The borrowing limit is determined based on the screening results and individual financial circumstances.

Increase Application

  • Customers with at least six months of transaction records after the initial borrowing can apply for an increase in the borrowing limit.

Seven Bank Card Loan Features and Benefits

Customer Support

For assistance with your Seven Bank account, you can reach their customer service centers using the following contact details:

Japanese Contact Center:

  • Service Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00-18:00 (Closed Sundays, National Holidays, and 12/31-1/3)
  • For Seven Bank Account Holders:
    • Toll-Free: 0088-21-1189
    • Charged: 03-5610-7730

English Contact Center:

  • Service Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00-18:00 (Closed Sundays, National Holidays, and 12/31-1/3)
  • Toll-Free: 0120-937-711
  • Charged: 03-5610-7791

Summing It Up

In conclusion, the Seven Bank Card Loan stands out for its competitive rates, flexible terms, and transparent borrowing process. 

If you need financial assistance, consider applying for a Seven Bank Card Loan today to control your finances quickly and conveniently. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to secure your financial future.


The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. 

Seven Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of their loan products at any time.

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