Sony TriStar NK Jemisin’s Broken Earth Movie Deal To Fit – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: In Sony Pictures Entertainment’s second seven-figure deal this week for a multi-book series, TriStar Pictures emerged from a bidding battle to win The Broken Earth NK Jemisin’s science fiction trilogy. The author will adapt the books herself. Sony, in partnership with 3000 Pictures of Elizabeth Gabler earlier this week, acquired the Don Winslow City on Fire trilogy for the mid-seven figures.

Every book in the Jemisin series – The fifth season, the door of the obelisk and The stone sky – won the Hugo Prize for Best Novel, making Jemisin the first person to win the Hugo Prize three years in a row and the first person to win for all three books in a trilogy.

The fifth season sets the scene, a harsh futuristic Earth and a continent called Calm, which undergoes seasonal apocalyptic events that rock the world and its inhabitants during these “seasons.” They take refuge in the communities and then rebuild themselves. Key to this effort are the “orogens,” individuals who can draw incredible magical power from Earth’s reservoirs. They are trained in this task from childhood in a brutal way, by a societal order called the Guardians. Orogens sort of hold the world together and prevent eruptions, but they are treated poorly.

The series has a dedicated fan base and has sold millions of copies worldwide. In addition to the Hugo Awards, the first book won the Sputnik Award, was nominated for the Nebula Award and the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

Shary Shirazi, Vice President of Creative Production, and Creative Director Rikki Jarrett are overseeing the project for TriStar Pictures.

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Jemisin is replaced by Hotchkiss Daily & Associates on behalf of Lucienne Diver at The Knight Agency.

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