Sony watches unscripted adaptations of feature films and reboot storylines of ‘the Newlywed Game’ – Deadline

Feature films could be the next big untapped market for unscripted reboots. HBO Max is making a reality TV contest series inspired by Magic mike and now Sony is looking at its movie library.

Holly Jacobs, EVP, Alternative Programming and Syndication for Sony Pictures Television, told Deadline he was about to market a project with an unscripted format based on a Sony movie.

“Now we’re leveraging our amazing feature titles. We’re about to come out with an unscripted lens around. We are looking at a number of titles. If a title is well known, it’s fantastic to take a look at what this movie is and is there an unscripted way, what would be the basis of it. People look at things they feel comfortable with, they remember it, ”she added.

The State of Unscripted TV: Networks and Streamers Optimistic in 2021 as They Seek Post-Pandemic Stability and Loud New Hits

One could imagine a series of competitions based on The Karate Kid or a slime series based on ghost hunters or a format based on Men in black or Charlie’s Angels.


Elsewhere, the studio is looking at its library of classic formats that it can update. Jacobs (left) said that The game of the newlyweds will be the next show it hits the market. The show, which premiered on ABC in 1966 and was produced by Chuck Barris, takes the newly married couples and sees them go head-to-head in a series of Q&A to see how well they know their partner.

The show went through the 1960s and 1980s, was syndicated in the 1990s, and GSN made a new version in the 2000s. Jacobs called it “the great jewel in our crown.” “It was the original Love is blind. You look at our library, there’s a reason some of these formats have been released for decades, and that’s because they have such a simple and sticky premise. This will be the next one we will market, ”she added.

This comes after restarting The Celebrity Dating Game, with Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton, at ABC. Jacobs said the show, which launches this summer, is “cotton candy fun.” She pointed out that A-list talent is now comfortable in the genre, pointing out that Mike Myers is hosting his reboot of The Gong Show. “It’s a huge change; I remember the day you said that person would never do that and now you got all the major people [interested]. “

Behind-the-scenes talent is also getting involved. Jacobs revealed he was working with Horrible bosses director Seth Gordon on a documentary series and CSI executive producer Josh Berman was behind an unscripted series Murder House Flip in Quibi.

Murder House Flip

This show was a mix between real crime and home improvement, which launched on the Short Stay and Short Stay service last April. There is potential for more after Roku acquires the Quibi library.

Jacobs said Sony is looking for more “genre-breaking” formats. There is also potential for international versions of the series and is working with international production manager Wayne Garvie and his team. “We talked about doing the international version of Murder House Flip and I think that’s something that will follow, ”she added.

Sony owns a large number of production companies across the world, including Move back producer Stellify Media and recently acquired Whisper Films. Jacobs said he has partnered with his UK production team on developing more formats, hopefully reverse engineered formats that can eventually make it to the US and collaborating more deeply in the creation of ‘ideas rather than just showcasing existing global formats in the United States.

The company has been bolstered by its ability to put a number of its long-running unscripted shows back into production during the pandemic, including Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and the $ 100,000 Pyramid. But it was Shark aquarium it was the game’s first release last summer.

The show is 12e The season was filmed in a bubble at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. “We felt a more emotional obligation to get Shark aquarium because of all the times businesses needed support and recovery, ”she said. “Mark Cuban was very helpful because we were watching the NBA at the time and trying to figure out what this bubble is. [looked like]. “

Going forward, Jacob’s goal is to “pivot” and “expand his reach” into more areas and work with more broadcasters and streamers. “There are so many new platforms and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. For those of us who are content creators, it’s a really big playing field right now and are spreading our wings to work in different genres and formats. There’s a tremendous amount of optimism because we’ve seen our shows go up and run and we’ve done it safely and now I’m hoping we’re going to have an audience again and that’s going to be another chapter.

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