Star Aldis Hodge, EP Tom Fontana opens up about racism and police corruption in Season 2 – Deadline

Boston-based Showtime crime drama City on a hill may take place in the 1990s, but today’s conversations about racism and police corruption will find their relevance in the show’s upcoming second season, executive producer and showrunner Tom Fontana has revealed.

On Tuesday, Fontana joined Aldis Hodge, Kevin Bacon, Jill Hennessy, Pernelle Walker and Lauren E. Banks, and executive producer Jennifer Todd to tease the second season. While season two does not explicitly cite the Black Lives Matter movement or the murder of George Floyd, given that it is set in the ’90s, Fontana said the City on a hill The team approached the storylines of the season with a current focus.

“We went back to the scripts and did another draft of each script with input from all the cast to make sure we reflected what was going on in America now, but with the prospect of it happening in the 90s,” Fontana said. “We couldn’t say things like ‘defund the police’ or ‘Black Lives Matter’ because those terms didn’t exist in the 1990s, but we tried to indicate these situations as best we could.”

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The second season centers on a federal housing project in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood that is plagued by drug-related violence and a legitimate distrust of local law enforcement. While coalition leader Grace Campbell (Walker) works tirelessly on behalf of the community, her efforts are undermined by the gang activity going on right under her nose. Irreverent FBI agent Jackie Rohr (Bacon) seeks to exploit Boston’s flawed criminal justice system in a desperate attempt to save his own career. Unfortunately for Jackie, Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward (Hodge) is on his opponent’s latest faux pas.

As conversations about law enforcement corruption and racial injustice from the ’90s reverberate today, Hodge said it’s impossible to escape societal issues. “There is now overt racism and we are experiencing it in a major way,” he added.

While Hodge said he couldn’t completely separate his own personal experiences from those of his character, the One night in Miami The actor said he has the chance to create ways to meet his needs and connect with viewers on broader topics.

“This show is one of those places where I can communicate what’s going on, how it’s going. Even if it takes place in the 90s, we are still experiencing it in 2021. I am proud to go to work every day and to be able to put myself in Decourcy’s shoes with his mission to show what combat is, how fight from another perspective, how to fight from the inside, ”he said.

City on a hill is produced by Tom Fontana, who also serves as showrunner. Additionally, the Showtime drama is produced by Jennifer Todd, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jorge Zamacona, Barry Levinson, Chuck MacLean and Michael Cuesta. Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge and Michele Giordano are co-executive producers.

The showtime crime drama returns for season two on Sunday, March 28 at 10 p.m. ET / PT. Watch the new season teaser above.

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