“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” climbs to # 3 on Nielsen Streaming Chart; Netflix Shows Mojo Movie – Deadline

The first two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier nabbed the Marvel series for Disney + for third place on Nielsen’s streaming rankings in the United States.

While total viewing of 628 million minutes from March 22 to 28 failed to match the Pillars NCIS and Criminal minds, the first two episodes are already at the level of Marvel WandaVision was a month in his race. It improved from sixth place last week, with the first racking up 495 million minutes of viewing time.

While Disney + launched in November 2019, Marvel only started contributing to series in the service this year. Unlike Netflix, Disney has typically released series one episode at a time, giving them time to build buzz and viewers.

Netflix, in addition to dominating the top 10 as usual, has made its mark on Nielsen’s list of films. Seeing the fruit of its efforts to increase its film production, the streaming leader held the first four places. Bad trip, Yes day, Deadly illusions and documentary Operation Varsity Blues between 227 million and 308 million viewing minutes each. Netflix also finished with seven of the top 10 titles, with Disney + and Amazon Prime Video releasing the other three.

Nielsen Launches Expanded Streaming Video Rating Offer, Says Streaming Now 25% of TV

Hulu made its first appearance in Nielsen’s Top 10 Originals, with 16 episodes of the animated series Solar opposites generating 196 million minutes of viewing.

Nielsen’s Weekly Lists measure the total number of minutes of streaming through a TV, which means mobile viewing is not counted. The report incorporates a significant delay, in agreement with the streaming providers. Nielsen announced today that it is increasing its streaming metering offerings, adding a more comprehensive set of tools to display market share and other views across 10 services. Weekly content rankings will continue.

Here is the general top 10, with the number of episodes and the total number of minutes watched. With the exception of Falcon, all titles are on Netflix.

NCIS – 353 episodes, 725 million minutes of viewing

Criminal minds – 307 eps., 656M min.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 2 eps., 628M min.

Grey’s Anatomy – 368 pixels, 610M min.

Cocomelon – 6 eps., 599M min.

Heartland – 158 eps., 453M min.

The irregular – 8 eps., 424M min.

Schitt Creek – 80 eps., 402M min.

Ginny and Georgia – 10 eps., 390M min.

Who killed Sara – 10 eps., 363M min.

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