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SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains details from Tuesday’s episode of The flash.

It was the end of an era in Tuesday’s episode of Flash, as the CW series said goodbye to original actor Carlos Valdes and his tech genius character, Cisco Ramon.

At the start of the episode, titled “Good-Bye Vibrations,” Ramon sets up a reunion with his Team Flash colleagues Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), to announce that he and his girlfriend Kamilla (Victoria Park) will be leaving Central City. Both express their availability, at this stage of their life, for a new chapter. For Kamila, that means going to Miami to organize a gallery exhibition. For Allen’s best friend Cisco, that means taking over Chip Cooper (Donny Lucas) as ARGUS ‘CTO and Science Director, after Chip leaves him for another role. Kamilla plans to reunite with Cisco in Star City after her exhibit ends. While Allen and Snow are clearly stunned over Cisco’s announcement, they are suppressing their emotions, given that they really want what’s best for him. But of course, their muted recognition backfires on him, leading Cisco to believe his friends are laughing at his departure.

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During the episode, Cisco helps his friends solve a final case involving Carrie Bates, aka “Rainbow Rider 2.0” (Jona Xiao), who steals huge amounts of diamonds and cash and plans to drop them off at- above Shark Stadium using a hijacked airship. . At one point, Cisco finds himself brainwashed and mad, after being struck by an explosion of the meta-human’s euphoric powers. Later, however, Chester (Brandon McKnight) releases him from his curse, and he manages to stop Bates’ airship from crashing into the stadium.

The emotional weight of the episode rests on a scene in which Cisco finally confronts Caitlin and Barry for their careless reaction to the news of his departure. “Maybe we should just say goodbye now and be done,” he tells his friends, who apologize to him and admit they’re barely holding up. Allen explains that he wishes he could ask his Cisco to stay, but that he couldn’t bring himself to be so selfish. “You have been there every step of the way on this journey. There would be no Flash without Cisco Ramon, ”says the scientist also known as The Flash. “Cisco, you are a born leader. You will probably be launching ARGUS in no time.

“I know,” Cisco said with a smile. “I am a man on a mission.”

Once Bates is arrested, he passes the technology torch to Chester, giving him a USB drive containing all of his software, as well as his Team Flash workshop. “You’re the man now, dog,” Cisco told him. “I know I’m leaving this place in good hands.”

Later, he gets the “surprise party” he wanted from the start, giving Barry, Caitlin and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) some of his prized t-shirts as a farewell gift. The festivities continue through a final scene, in which Cisco sings a karaoke version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” with Barry and Caitlin.

In his time on The flash, Valdes also assumed the identity of Cisco Vibe’s meta-human alias. Additionally, he played Reverb and Echo, his character’s lookalikes on Earth-2 and Earth-19, respectively. Deadline announced in May that Valdes would be leaving the show after seven seasons, starring original actor Tom Cavanagh.

As tonight’s episode marks the end of Valdes’ regular series arc, he will apparently return for brief appearances in the final two episodes of the season. The DC superhero drama, developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, has already been renewed for an eighth season.

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