“The Irregulars” Edges “Falcon And The Winter Soldier” at the top of Nielsen’s US mailing list; ‘Bad Trip’ Extends Film Run # 1 – Deadline

The irregular on Netflix sharp The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney + on Nielsen’s weekly U.S. broadcast chart.

The Sherlock Holmes supernatural drama totaled 643 million minutes of viewing during the week of March 29 to April 4, compared to 628 million for Falcon. In one key difference, however, there are eight episodes of The irregular, compared to three for the Marvel series, which used Disney’s usual weekly release model. Nielsen’s rankings still reflect a lag of nearly a month, according to streaming providers.

The irregular is a new twist on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales about Holmes, Doctor Watson and the other Baker Street staples. Presented as a darker take, it focuses on a gang of troubled teens and departs from other Sherlock adaptations by portraying Watson as a sinister figure. Tom Bidwell, whose credits include Watership Down and My Mad Fat Diary, is the show’s writer and an executive producer.

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Audience for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier remained stable from the week before, when the show finished # 3. It is the second Marvel show to air on Disney + and is the only show in the top 10 from a distributor other than Netflix.

Bad trip, the hidden camera outing with comedian Eric Andre, finished No. 10 on the overall list with 344 million minutes viewed. It repeated itself as No.1 on Nielsen’s Film Ratings Only.

Below is Nielsen’s full top 10, which reflects viewing on a TV screen, which means mobile is not counted.

The irregular – 8 episodes, 643 million minutes of viewing

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 3 eps., 628M min.

Grey’s Anatomy – 368 pixels, 580 M min.

Who killed Sara (English) – 10 eps., 553M min.

NCIS – 353 eps., 535M min.

Cocomelon – 6 eps., 515M min.

Criminal minds – 308 pixels, 489 million min.

Heartland – 165 eps., 413M min.

Supernatural – 328 pixels, 377 million min.

Bad trip (2021) – film, 344M min.

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