Together Together (2021) movie review

The rope-to-back strategy begins in the opening sequence. A middle-aged man named Matt (Ed Helms) interviews a young woman named Anna (Patti Harrison) in what initially appears to be a speed date, then a job interview (it’s both, in a way. ). The questions are cute but invasive (“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?”). Alex Somers’ solo piano score has that crystal-clear sea sound characteristic of hyper-verbal independent film comedies about affluent commuters going through existential crises. The generic font is Windsor Light Condensed, used in all of Woody Allen’s films since “Annie Hall”. Between the age gap of the main actors and their conscious but sometimes stumbling comedic joke, it seems that “Together Together” is an essay that aims to give us the pleasures of a mid-period Woody Allen movie without having to. take into account, uh, you know, Woody Allen.

Ultimately, this isn’t the kind of movie where the protagonists overcome social obstacles and live happily ever after as husband and wife. In fact, this is a rare film about two characters that you’ve never seen in a movie. They initially seem cut from a fabric of mediocre romantic comedy. Writer / director Nikole Beckwith and his lead cast make a move in that direction by asking Matt and Anna to quickly reveal shared feelings of loneliness and loneliness (different concepts) and talk about their troubled pasts. Matt is the designer of a masochistic app called Loner that allows users to browse the profiles of other singles; they are not allowed to save profiles unless they favor them, and they can only choose one as a favorite. Matt’s marriage fell apart for undisclosed reasons (fundamental incompatibility, it seems). But he still decided to have a child, using his own sperm and a donated egg. He is acutely aware of being a single, straight man in his predicament. Anna got pregnant in college, gave up the baby for adoption, and won the double wrath of her parents, who saw her as a failure both for having an unplanned pregnancy and for not keeping the child. “It seemed like the only way they could be happy was that I was very unhappy,” she told Matt. What is that, Charlie Kaufman discount?

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But the more time you spend with these two, the harder it is to categorize the types of characters they are, let alone compare the movie to the others or predict what will happen to the main couple. In fact, it is wrong to call them “a couple”. They are more than friends, less than lovers. Well, not “less than” because that phrase implies that a romantic relationship is greater than friendship. Again, is it even a friendship? Anna asks. She is right to wonder. Matt doesn’t know how to answer.

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