Trevor Noah Hops On The Ted Cruz Bus And Examines Who’s Below – Deadline

Trevor Noah and The daily show took a yellowish look tonight at the weather and public health crisis in Texas, where people melt snow for water. “The saddest thing is, a poor Texan had to walk 800 miles just to get his water and electricity.”

That Texan, of course, was Senator Ted Cruz, who became the symbol of the government’s failure in the Texas utilities crisis by traveling to Cancun, allegedly accompanying his daughters on vacation. The trip sparked outrage online and a few memes from Bernie Sanders.

“Your people are literally eating snow,” exclaimed Noah. “And you are leaving for Cancun. How can you be so stupid. Not sure how bad it will make you look? Noah added, “Look, I understand Ted Cruz is tired. He deserves a break after trying to overthrow the government. But when people say they need water, they didn’t mean finding a wet t-shirt contest in Cancun.

What’s worse, Noah said, is that when he got caught he blamed his young daughters, saying he was just “a good dad.”

“Oh, I see, we were all wrong,” Noah said. “He was just chaperoning his daughters on the flight to Cancun. Seriously, being a good dad means putting them on a bus, not throwing them under one!

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