Free in Free Fire Mobile: How to Play and Get Free Diamonds

The gaming industry saw a huge shift in its landscape with the rise of mobile gaming. The battle royale format has also been adapted for mobile platforms. Whereas gamers can only play on PC and consoles through games like Z1 Battle Royale and The Culling before the rise of mobile gaming, they can now play it on Android and iOS with games like Fortnite.

One of the most notable mobile battle royale games is Free Fire, which is considered a good alternative to more performance and space-demanding games like Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds and Call of Duty. It has become a popular BR game that many plays competitively.

This game has it all, from different skins and weapons, to in-game shops, and in-game currencies. Players can get their hands on unique skins by winning them or buying them from the shop using cash like diamonds. The good thing is players can earn free diamonds.

  • What is Free Fire?
  • What are Diamonds?
  • Ways to Get Diamonds on Free Fire
  • How to Get Free Diamonds
Free in Free Fire Mobile: How to Play and Get Free Diamonds
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What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is a battle royale game that offers other game modes such as multiplayer or as the game called it, Class Squad. It is available on Android and iOS devices, which covers a large portion of the mobile gaming industry. This game was launched in September 2017, which makes it one of the oldest games to offer this mode.

Free in Free Fire Mobile: How to Play and Get Free Diamonds
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In its battle royale mode, players are thrown into an arena, where they will fight to survive. They will be given access to loots and drop boxes, which they can use to improve their chances of survival. The main goal is to be the last one standing.

As a battle royale game, Free Fire can be considered a lite version of more full-fledged games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and PUBG. In fact, it can be likened to PUBG Lite because both apps take less space than their other counterparts.

Gamers can enjoy the livelier graphics of Free Fire, along with the variety of characters available for them to play. It also has similar controls as to other BR games, making it easier to make the switch.

What Makes Free Fire Unique?

While there are lots of games like Free Fire on the App Store or Google Play Store, many players still choose this app because of its unique characteristics. One of its strongest features is the low storage space it occupies.

Aside from this, a lot of mobile gamers are turning to Free Fire because of its fast-paced gameplay. In full-fledged BR games, 100 players will be vying for survival. Free Fire cuts this number down to 50, making it a pretty quick game. It can take only 10 minutes to finish a BR battle instead of 20 minutes.

Moreover, a lot of players appreciate the variety of characters the game has to offer. While others offer a single generic character that can be modified using skins, Free Fire lets users choose from a list of characters with different abilities. Users can also use any weapon of their liking.


What are Diamonds?

Skins and weapons are an important part of the gameplay as it helps gamers differentiate and set themselves apart from other players. One way to get their hands on these is to purchase them using diamonds.

Free in Free Fire Mobile: How to Play and Get Free Diamonds
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Diamonds are the high-end in-game currencies in Free Fire. This currency lets players purchase superior skins, weapons, vehicles, and many more. These items appear more premium and are usually rare, which can make gamers truly stand out.

The thing about diamonds is that one of the easiest ways to earn them is to purchase them using real money. This is precisely what makes these diamond items rare. More players play the game for free and are not willing to spend real cash for the game.

Aside from the diamond, the Free Fire also has another in-game currency called gold. This is a more accessible option because players can earn more easily and with fewer expenses. Gold can also purchase items such as weapons, skins, and vehicles.

Gold vs Diamonds

Now, why would players prefer diamonds over gold if the latter is easier to earn? The answer to this lies in the quality of items they can buy. Diamonds can purchase skins, weapons, and vehicles at higher levels, which means that they offer a more premium look and function.

Meanwhile, gold can buy exemplary items, as well. The thing is, they are less remarkable compared to those purchased using diamonds.

Do not get it wrong, though. Gold items are definitely useful and look great. However, many people prefer diamond items because of how awesome and intimidating they look.

Ways to Get Diamonds on Free Fire

Given that lots of people prefer items bought using diamonds, gamers must be looking for ways to get diamonds. The most straightforward and fastest way to get them is to purchase them. This can be costly, as users will need to purchase more when they see something they want to buy.

Free in Free Fire Mobile: How to Play and Get Free Diamonds
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The cost of buying diamonds is $0.99 for 100 diamonds or $48.99 for 5,600 diamonds. Now, these numbers may seem pretty negligible, but what many people should remember is that they can accumulate, and the next thing gamers know, they have spent hundreds upon hundreds.

A great way to minimize spending while regularly getting diamonds is to purchase a subscription. For a small fee, players can get a weekly membership which lets them claim 60 diamonds daily for seven days.

They can also get a monthly membership and gives away a bonus of 100 diamonds as a reward, plus 60 diamonds daily for seven days. This offers more than 200% in earnings, which is pretty good for dedicated players.

Can You Get Diamonds for Free?

The thing about paying real money for Free Fire diamonds is it can be costly over time. This is why many are thinking if they can get their hands on diamonds for free. The good news is that yes, the game offers free diamonds.

What gamers need to do is watch out for events such as tournaments and promotions. These give gamers who do not want to spend real money a chance to get more diamonds. Another way to go is to play more. Remember, players get in-game currencies as rewards. Just make sure that winners always earn more.

Aside from these, several other techniques can help users earn free diamonds. These may come with the help of the developer itself or third-party services that offer free digital money to purchase diamonds.

How to Get Free Diamonds

Google Opinion Rewards is a surefire way to earn free diamonds. This app is a survey-based program that offers rewards to individuals who finish answering quick surveys. It is easy to use with a quick pay-off. The part is it offers Play Credits, which gamers can use to purchase diamonds.

Free in Free Fire Mobile: How to Play and Get Free Diamonds
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To get this in-game currency using this app, simply download it from Google Play Store or App Store. Then set up the account by entering the required information. The app will then assign short surveys to the user. Completing these surveys will result in free Play Credits.

Another way to earn free diamonds is with the help of redemption codes. The key task is to acquire a code, which is given away through official channels. This can be through the developer’s local team on various social media or other official announcements. Entering the code in the Reward redemption site will result in free diamonds.

Those who like putting in the work will be glad to know that they can earn diamonds just by playing. The Level Up Pass lets users get this in-game currency every time they climb the ladder. However, this pass costs money, but it can be purchased using Play Credits.

Getting Diamonds for Playing

Joining tournaments and promotions are also surefire ways to get free diamonds. Usually, the game launches such events at the beginning of the season. The event can cover different activities such as participating in tournaments, playing specific games, and other similar tasks.

Completing these tasks can lead to different rewards, some of which include diamonds. The thing about this strategy is that users need skill, time, and effort in order to win. However, this can be the most fulfilling path to getting free diamonds.

Those who do not have enough time to grind through events can still get some rewards by logging in daily and claiming the reward. This is the least strenuous path, but less fulfilling. It also yields fewer free diamonds, so this may be a less preferable choice.

The Bottom Line

Free Fire is definitely one of the best battle royale games out there, especially with years of development, millions of players, and customization features under its belt. Thanks to the tips outlined above, players can take advantage of these features just by playing and earning free diamonds.


Google Opinion Rewards

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