How to turn on a LG G5 without the Power button

The LG G5 features some impressive hardware specs, but not everyone will use them to their full potential. If you’re new to the LG G5 or just need to know how to turn on a LG G5 without the power button, you’ve come to the right place! Your quick and easy guide to turning on your LG G5 without the power button will walk you through everything you need to know about how it works and how you can activate it when your phone’s display doesn’t respond as it should.

Turn On Lg G5 Without Power Button

Force boot LG G5 without power button

Even when the power button on your LG G5 does not work again, it is possible to turn on the cell phone. To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Keep the main button and volume down.
  • Keeping the above two buttons in place, plug in the charger.
  • The screen should light up with a special menu
  • Unplug the charger
  • Click the volume down button
    <The LG G5 will boot up

When starting the LG G5, we recommend you to go to the step below, which is to install an application to manage the startup of the LG G5 without power button.

Start by pressing the power button buttons.

If you're more of a manual type, you can start the LG G5 by taking it apart. We don't necessarily recommend you to do this, however, know that it can often work. In case you disassemble the LG G5 and remove the Power button, it is necessary to discover a small step from the Power button. It really is sometimes possible to bind the LG G5 home by touching with two metal ends paragraph of the step.

Install an application to manage LG G5 power without the Power button.

When you have successfully booted your LG G5 without using the power button, you will have to think about finding a way to do it faster next time. That's why we advise you to download the Gravity Screen app that allows you to set up for example a double tap to wake up your LG G5. Then, even without your power button, you can continue to use your LG G5.

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